We're all looking for good team-ups, ones that work, and are effective in every way. I have found a super team-up that is unheard of, and ive never heard of or seen it used by anyone...yet. Anyway the team-up is: BLACK KNIGHT AND UNION JACK Now you may ask why? I say, the allied forces does very well with Blood Curse On Black Knight, and with Union Jack's "Service Revolver" and "Trench Warfare" Effects in place, Black Knight and Union Jack Constantly attack, and will not really stop. The attacks of Union Jack, whether that's allied forces, or stiff upper lip (from Trench Warfare), etc. Will constantly be triggered, either by Black Knight's "Blood Curse" from "Ebony Blade" Or One of Union Jacks own attacks will trigger a huge massacre of attacks from both characters. So go ahead, and try it, and tell me how you got on

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