All right. First of all, sorry for any eventual typos. My natural language isn't english, and I don't have any formal training in it. But I do have a few things that I wanna share and possibly contribute to this site. So, here we go!

Magneto was announced in a cryptic message by Playdom page on facebook, "not a hero", and will be a second playable character. For one, that will expand the possible rooster of characters in the game, since in-game villains can also be playable now. Giving the requests that Elektra received in the past (and nowadays also), perhaps we'll see more on that train of thought.

Well, for now, we know the requirements to unlock Magneto: collect 8 comic covers, opening LockBoxes. The mechanic is that 1 LB gives 7% of chance (not so good, roughly 1 in try 14 tries), and 10 LBs assures that you'll get a Comic Cover (but not that will be a new one). We can get LB with 1 Gold each (don't know if will remain in the Store after Spec Ops 6 ends), in Deploys, Daily Spin and Roulettes, in addition to at least 98 LBs on Task Rewards.

The factor is, ultimately, luck. But we can do some statistics and figure out the odds. I'll make the calculations based in the "Use 10 LBs" option:

  • The first 10 LBs will have 100% assurance of a new Comic Cover;
  • The second 10 LBs, however, will have 87.5% (7/8) of a New Comic Cover;
    • This translates in ~1.43 more LBs for the 2nd CC;
  • Following that, we'll have a "(n/8)*100" formula, with n=remaining New Comic Covers;
    • That is, ~217 LBs. Since we're taking packs of 10, that means, by chance alone, 220 LBs.

But, that is "only" the crude probabilities. The 5% drop for some Itens doesn't translate to "I'll get it in the 20th try". If you're luck, you can get Magneto in the first 8 tries (despite the 1 in 721,797,564,655 chance!).

Let's play!

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