Well, I'll try to play more seriously this tournament, just to see where I can go with what I have now.

Day One

And, by the first impression, what I have is: not much. It's true that my sample size is tremenduosly small, about 8 battles. But, I could see a few things.

  • There's a lot of Bruisers, at least in the ~800 area. Hercules and Valkyrie as far the eye can see.
  • Signposts. Signposts everywhere. And the AI seems to use every turn, now.
  • The Ratings match-ups is, for saying the least, crazy. In the few fights that I made, two were 100 points below mine (and I lost both), and one was almost double of mine (and I won that one. Go figure).
  • Wolverine seems to be bugged. At least on the first day. With me, he was No-Selling 30000 Pummeling Strikes and 130000 Geirs like there's no tomorrow. Wolverine finded the strenght to retaliate yet, and revenge kill. But, he's no Rider (of the Ghost kind): unless ISO'ed properly, he's the Glass Cannon by definition.
  • Quantum Jumper has been nerfed (again). There was a guy with QJ + MFG + DD. Ok o/
  • I remain to see Havok, Magneto and Wasp. Curious to see how they will affect the metagame.
  • I won 5 PVP fights, but so far I can't spin the Roulette - unless I pay 5 Gold, and f*** you I'll spend 5 Gold.
    • Well, just the graphic aspect were bugged: I netted a Hydra Badge.

Day Two

  • More 6 battles today, all six battles won. In my situation, I'm seeing pretty much P5 Tac Emma Frost, Wolverine, FF Inf Spider-Man and Hercules. Gears included Coulson's, Hoarfrost Mace (only one, and not a Ghost Tanker, or any counter Tanker), Signpost and Golden Tyrant Blade.
    • Thinking of doing a log, but have to think of a format.
  • Dunno if it's just me, but I don't think the AI plays very well with Emma. Now that Unlock Potential is Quick Action (and the Stamina isn't that much issue on PVP), she could use every two turns without disrupting her flow. But, she almost never uses it, maybe once in a long battle.
  • PVP Roulette: 1 Gold.

Day Three

  • 7 attacks, 6 victories. Protection effects (from WWII Cap or Hoarfrost'd Agents) are the most annoying aspect of PVP for me now. All my losses in attacking is due to they.
  • AFK seems to be my sin. Winning about 5% of the defenses.
    • Trying a new thing on PVP: Agent (Signpost, Combat Acceleration Program, Quantum Jumper, Scroll of Melsalam), Emma Frost and Wolverine. Logan was my second character to hit level 12, way back. Let's try him on PVP.
  • PVP Roullete: Dust of Death.

Day Four & Five

  • About 13 attacks, 10 victories. The combo Unlock Potential + Combat Acceleration Program + Wolverine is working kinda well. Now that I've hitted the ~40%, I'm seeing less Bruisers.
  • However, I'm seeing a lot of Mockingbird. I can win if Emma goes first: in this case, Unlock Potential'd Wolverine, Tapped MB, Wolverine finishes (if Tactical Insight triggers, that means one Enraged MB, but still Infiltrator, at the worst).
  • Haven't seen any Wasps, Magnetos or Havoks yet. One lost Deadpoop.
  • Reaching the ~30%. Blue Costume Quicksilver = lost attack. Properly ISO'ed, there's no chance for a Infiltrator, since he bypass Protection. His Time Displacement really hurts as well, and takes advantage of Combo Setup.
  • PVP Roulette: 5x Battles (useless for me, not a diehard PVP player).
  • PVP Roulette: 10 CP.

Day Six

  • The main problem is, without a doubt, the defenses. Now I have:
    • 63 attacks / 53 defenses / 59 wins / 57 losses (Rating 838, lvl. 187)
    • Yesterday, I almost went to Diamond (about 14% top). Twelve hours later, I was in the top 60%. Harsh. Don't wanna think about the final hours...
  • Wolverine seems to fit quite well. A few B&T on the enemy side, but the CPU hardly triggers
    Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 005
     The Best There Is. Few things are scarier than a Unlock'd Wolverine with half HP.
  • PVP Roulette: Heart Shaped Herb.

Day Seven

  • It's really annoying when Cosmic Power triggers every effing turn.
  • Had a long battle against a Valkyrie, War Frenzy'd 3x. With Support Agent and Emma Frost, with was by sheer luck that I've won.
  • PVP Roulette: Hydra Badge.

Day Eight

  • Wolverine seems to be affecting the metagame, at least on the Silver-Gold League borders. Curiously, I don't have any problem with Colossus (well, P5 would be bad). Valkyrie, if done quickly, isn't a problem. I fear Hercules.
  • I scored a P.E.W. "Dragon" on the lockboxes, now properly slotted to a nice +1300/+700 somethings.
  • PVP Roulette: 5 Battles :(

Day Nine

  • Captain Britain was released today. In my level, I think it's way too early too expect facing him in PVP. Nevertheless, he doesn't seen much a treat to Wolverine right now. But, one can be wrong. Let's wait and see.
  • Slotted a few more items in the Armory.
  • Changing the Scroll of Melsalam for a Golden Screaming Eagle for AFK. Maybe I can improve my defenses...
  • PVP Roulette: 1 CP (yay!)

Day Ten

  • Wow. Over -100 points overnight. That, and the first battle of the day was against some dude 40+ levels, and four digits Rating.
  • Funny thing, AI Valkyrie has a lot of trouble defeating a Signpost Agent. Add some healing stuff, and take a comfy chair: it will take a while. If the Agent has some counter, goodbye Valkyrie...
  • I fall so much from the Gold League edges, that I'm seeing Human Torches again.
  • PVP Roulette: Hydra Badge

Day Eleven

  • PVP Roulette: 5 Battles

Day Twelve

  • PVP Roulette: 10 Gold (yay!)

Day Thirteen

  • Changing team for an AFK experiment.
  • PVP Roulette: Dust of Death


Format: Lvl / Rating / Atk / Def / Win / Loss / League

  • 20/Feb: 187 / 838 / 63 / 53 / 59 / 57 / Gold
  • 21/Feb: 187 / 882 / 68 / 55 / 64 / 59 / Gold
  • 22/Feb: 189 / 858 / 76 / 60 / 70 / 66 / Silver (Top 28.8%)
  • 23/Feb: 190 / 874 / 81 / 64 / 75 / 70 / Silver (Top 25.9%)
  • 24/Feb: 191 / 774 / 88 / 71 / 80 / 81 / Silver (Top 54.9%)
  • 25/Feb: 191 / 773 / 93 / 80 / 86 / 87 / Silver (Top 54.8%)
  • 26/Feb: 192 / 823 / 99 / 81 / 91 / 89 / Silver (Top 37.8%)
  • 27/Feb: 193 / 785 / 106 / 87 / 96/ 97 / Silver (Top 49.8%)

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