Well, this is it. In the last day of Spec Ops 8, I've opened a total of 300 Omega Lockboxes, one by one, to see the odds of the drops.

I've based this on PKB post (you can see it here).

Raw Data

Like PKB, I've grouped all Iso-8 and Comic Covers in one category each, otherwise the table would be even bigger. Also, there was a shift from Crystal to Refined Isos (lvl 230s here) midway the Spec Ops, but that didn't prevented some Iso Shards here and there.

Item Count %
Comics Covers196.33
Chaotic Grenade82.67
Large Energy82.67
1 CP72.33
3 CP62.00
EMP Grenade62.00
Quantum Elixir62.00
Combat Acceleration Program51.67
Deflection Patch V51.67
Evasion Patch V51.67
Kinetic Amplifier II51.67
Team First Aid Pack III51.67
Team Stamina Boost III51.67
Digital Spotter41.33
Incap III41.33
Napalm IV41.33
P.E.W. "Dragon"41.33
Panacea Injection41.33
Team Healing Elixir41.33
Three Battles41.33
Web Grenade41.33
5 CP31.00
Flash-Bang III31.00
Nanoplague 231.00
Nerve Gas III31.00
Regenerating Serum IV31.00
Revenge Strike31.00
Shredder IV31.00
Stamina Serum V31.00
Tactical Strike31.00
Tangler Grenade IV31.00
Thawing Formula31.00
The Crippler31.00
Zap-8 V31.00
B&F Icebrand20.67
Cluster Grenade V20.67
Concealed Blades III20.67
Counter Strike20.67
Energy Fist20.67
Focus Patch V20.67
Frag Grenade VI20.67
Gene Inoculation20.67
Hemostatic Spray20.67
Hologram Generator20.67
Holographic Hand-Link20.67
Liquid Fire20.67
Powerful Iso8 Crystal20.67
Stinger IV20.67
The Immobilizer20.67
The Perforator20.67
Xanthine Alkaloid Injector20.67
40 Unstable Iso810.33
5 Unstable Iso810.33
A.R. "Spinner"10.33
Armor Piercer10.33
Battery Powered Hand Cannon10.33
Bolt-Action 4 Bore10.33
Capacitive Impeder10.33
Chrono Boost10.33
Cloaking Device10.33
Damage Amplifier10.33
Double Strike10.33
First Aid Pack VI10.33
Fistborne Defibrilator10.33
Flame Suppressant10.33
Gravity Shield II10.33
Handheld Iso8 Scanner10.33
Healing Serum IV10.33
Kunai Barrage III10.33
M616 Combat Shotgun10.33
Neurotoxin IV10.33
Offensive Accelerator10.33
Overdrive Ampule 210.33
P.E.W. "Anchor"10.33
P.E.W. "Dingo"10.33
Reconstruct Ampule 210.33
Smelling Salts10.33
Strike Patch V10.33
Stunner IV10.33
Svallin Defender10.33
Target Painter10.33
Teleological Suspender10.33
Third Law Nullifier10.33

Category Data

I've scored 19 Comic Covers, including a full set of eight, and 11 duplicates. As I began opening 1-by-1 after recruiting Omega Sentinel, all I got was 19,000 Silver. The unique covers were in the boxes 2, 14, 33, 80, 81, 151, 180 and 293. Looking at the excelent Titeuf24's post about the odds of getting 8 unique covers, I would say that I was lucky recruiting Omega Sentinel with 13 sets of 10 Lockboxes =]

In 16 of these 300 Lockboxes, the reward was CP, totaling 40 CP. Neat. The same can't be said for LE itens: NOTHING. At least I scored a The Toolbox with Magnetic Lockboxes...

Item Count %
Premium Consumable3712.33
Deploy Gear175.67

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