JBR's Edited MAA Sprites

Not only I'm the avid player of MAA but also I'm the editor of MAA sprites. I'm going to show you my edited sprites of heroes and villain's alternate outfits using Photoshop.

Loki (combined elements of Beta Sprite and Modern Loki)

LO7raeZ.png T0fvjr2.png SFEKTHf.png SAb9PnA.png eCBpySb.png GWfibZn.png NmLPOiP.png

Ghost Rider (Blue Flame, based on this ending scene from second Ghost Rider film)

76FpBLn.png 7Bo6akK.png

Deadpool (X-Force)

8FOxcGO.png F0MMGvY.png

Pink Deadpool (based on this fanmade cosplay)

WGbopCt.png UZM6VXv.png

Bob the Agent of HYDRA (original colors Green and Yellow)

Haz80TN.png A9dCLC0.png

Rescue Armored Adventures (see this link)

kjwYV3X.png aEsoihp.png

Iron Patriot Norman Osborn a.k.a. Green Goblin with and without Cap's shield and gun on the back (sprite based on Rhodes' Iron Patriot) see this link

b6D33U9.png iMRraKK.png XH68Fks.png 87AgUgG.png rzDs800.png

Iron Man Mk 42 SDCA (based from Iron Man 3 Official Game, see this link...)


Iron Man Black (sprites based on both Model 35, Avengers or Mk 7 and Mk 42 armors)

0HLOc0h.png UcdoxHK.png YX3XhLR.png

Iron Man II (sprite based on Mark 5)


Iron Man Gold (sprite based on Mark 5)


War Machine Mk 2 (pre-Iron Patriot) see this link


Colossus with Juggernaut's helmet (Uncanny X-Men: Fear Itself)


Ms. Marvel Karla Sofen a.k.a. Moonstone (combined sprite elements of Classic and Modern Ms. Marvel)


Elektra (white and black outfits)

tqmzwu2.png hLVI3s3.png

Psylocke Classic/Uncanny (Blue and Red)


Magneto Mutant X (Invert Purple and Red)


Dr. Doom Future Foundation


Grey Hulk (now released by PD)


Hulk Avengers (almost like PD's Avengers Hulk, right?!)


Super Soldier Captain Steve Rogers (Masked, some elements from Cap's WWII and Avengers uniforms) see this image link...

SUHJruF.png BlbA8g3.png KIMqXAN.png BwDKJqq.png

Thor Avengers and Modern customized outfits

opJ98ls.png Lj6rcay.png oce0RK7.png JUnuS5b.png lIIINnT.png H5owFd9.png Ckqht6N.png fe59j0N.png drVbF8U.png RvUCA9B.png

Rescue Pepper Potts (Helmetless)


Iron Patriot James Rhodes (Helmetless, see this link) and with Captain America's shield

1CwWa5j.png eIy9lFl.png 5IZi6Ib.png

Avengers and MK 42 Iron Man Tony Stark (Helmetless, face came from Modern Dr. Strange's but edited)

xCD2qeU.png oYj6BB1.png

Spider-Man Peter Parker (Unmasked)


Captain America Steve Rogers (Unmasked)

aXxpFB0.png EGIJdIz.png

Nick Fury

CCPk920.png 4D8HHQb.png

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