Recruited Message:

I'm now free from brainwashing, thanks to you Agent. I'm slowly regaining my consciousness.
Let my old buddy Steve know that I will fight alongside him again, just like the old World War II days.

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Winter Soldier Bucky

Class: 34px-Infiltratoricon.png Infiltrator

Organization(s): Avengers

Cost: Complete Winter Lockbox

Bio: Sergeant James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes was used to be a longtime friend and comrade of Captain Steve Rogers until his supposed demise during the closing days of World War II. However, his cold-preserved body was found by HYDRA. As he was being revived, his memories were erased. He has a bionic arm attached to his missing arm as he turns into a powerful assassin known as the Winter Soldier. He has confronted his old friend Captain America numerous times, until he regains his memory and turns on HYDRA. Remembering who Bucky was is a sign of redemption.


  • Health: 3/5
  • Stamina: 4/5
  • Attack: 4/5
  • Defense: 3/5
  • Accuracy: 4/5
  • Evasion: 4/5


  • Counter-offensive
    • Counter-Attacks and Follow-Up Attacks deal increased damage

Skills (based on PD's skills of Winter Soldier as a Boss from Spec Ops 17):

  • Level 1: Bionic Punch WwUxGoj.png
    • Type: Melee Unarmed
    • Target: One enemy
    • No. of Hits: 1
    • Cooldown: N/A
    • Effects:
      • Exploits Protection
        • Deals extra damage against targets that are Protecting
      • Cornered
        • Removes and prevents Protect effects
      • Revolution
        • Joins in on an ally's single-target attack
  • Level 2: Aimed Shot uj5apQw.png
    • Type: Gun Ranged
    • Target: One enemy
    • No. of Hits: 1
    • Cooldown: N/A
    • Effects:
      • Hobbled
        • Attacks cannot be Stealthy
      • Retaliation
        • Counter-attacks when attacking an ally
  • Level 6: Landmine Shot 74lVPfU.png
    • Type: Gun Ranged
    • Target: All enemies
    • No. of Hits: 1
    • Cooldown: 3 rounds
    • Effects:
      • Stealthy
        • Does not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities
      • Magnetic Mine
        • Detonates if any offensive action is taken
        • Does not detonate on attacks that can't be countered
        • Guaranteed critical hit against Magnetized or Metal targets
        • Defused by Recharging
  • Level 9: Knife Attack pqkT2N0.png
    • Type: Melee
    • Target: One enemy
    • No. of Hits: 1
    • Cooldown: N/A
    • Effects:
      • Brutal Strike
        • Damage cannot be prevented by resurrection effects
      • Guaranteed Hit
        • 100% chance to hit... usually
      • Ignore Defense
        • Ignores enemy defenses
        • Attack penetrate shield statuses
      • Fatal Blow
        • Defeats normal enemies with less than 30% health
        • Greatly damages bosses with less than 30% health

Team-Up Bonuses:

  • Red in the Ledger
  • War Buddies
  • Assemble!
  • Patriots
  • Proud to Serve
  • Invaders
  • From Russia with Love (Teaming up with Black Widow only)
  • Allied Adversaries (Teaming up with Captain America only)
  • Bionic Arms (Teaming up with Cable and Magik only)

Al1ycK3.png Winter Lockbox

  • Sealed with indestructible bionic lock.

c90FjGo.png Comic Book Covers:
  • AjMxris.png Captain America & Bucky Vol. 1 #621
  • nfjg9a8.png Captain America & Bucky Vol. 1 #622
  • KWoJUxE.png Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 2 #14
  • suKXldQ.png Winter Soldier Vol. 1 #2
  • KVKhlXs.png Winter Soldier Vol. 1 #3
  • T0np3SF.png Winter Soldier Vol. 1 #5
  • QS6EZG5.png Winter Soldier Vol. 1 #12
  • AXkyaJ4.png Winter Soldier Vol. 1 #14




NOTE: I gonna continue this blog about Bucky as a Hero (suggested Lockbox hero) ASAP! Thanks!

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