• JB.Regala

    Recruited Message:

    I'm now free from brainwashing, thanks to you Agent. I'm slowly regaining my consciousness.
    Let my old buddy Steve know that I will fight alongside him again, just like the old World War II days.

    Winter Soldier Bucky

    Class: Infiltrator

    Organization(s): Avengers

    Cost: Complete Winter Lockbox

    Bio: Sergeant James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes was used to be a longtime friend and comrade of Captain Steve Rogers until his supposed demise during the closing days of World War II. However, his cold-preserved body was found by HYDRA. As he was being revived, his memories were erased. He has a bionic arm attached to his missing arm as he turns into a powerful assassin known as the Winter Soldier. He has confronted his old friend Captain America nu…

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  • JB.Regala

    JBR's Edited MAA Sprites

    November 19, 2013 by JB.Regala

    JBR's Edited MAA Sprites

    Not only I'm the avid player of MAA but also I'm the editor of MAA sprites. I'm going to show you my edited sprites of heroes and villain's alternate outfits using Photoshop.

    Loki (combined elements of Beta Sprite and Modern Loki)

    Ghost Rider (Blue Flame, based on this ending scene from second Ghost Rider film)

    Deadpool (X-Force)

    Pink Deadpool (based on this fanmade cosplay)

    Bob the Agent of HYDRA (original colors Green and Yellow)

    Rescue Armored Adventures (see this link)

    Iron Patriot Norman Osborn a.k.a. Green Goblin with and without Cap's shield and gun on the back (sprite based on Rhodes' Iron Patriot) see this link

    Iron Man Mk 42 SDCA (based from Iron Man 3 Official Game, see this link...)

    Iron Man Black (sprites based …

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