PKB is, by his own admission, on his way out. His attention and enthusiasm is waning. I feel I'm his next-best replacement, seeing as how I'm rational, reasonable, understand statistics (though, admittedly not to nearly the same extent that he does) 

My first post will be short:

The <Electrostatic Arm, Galvanic Arm, Power of 4, Arc Reactor Charge> combo works well for group bosses that are at or near 100% health, but I believe it can be tweaked to work better in more cases. (often we get group bosses well below 100%) Specifically, if you have Heroic Age Iron Fist and Generalist Angel you probably don't need to suicide your agent in order to bring a group boss from 100 to zero. Between Aspersio boosting healing and IF with multiple healings (and stamina boosts) it's more a matter of just having the Galvanic Arm and Electrostatic Arm (the non-customized version, apparently. I haven't tried to farm the customized version but apparently it doesn't combo up) than either the Power of 4 OR the Arc Reactor Charger. 

I recognize that this isn't a substitution, replacement or alternative to the previously mentioned theory. That being said, feel free to experiment. TTY soon.

- Logan

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