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    November 17, 2013 by J0hnan0n 0

    This post is less to be informative and more to request suggestions. My current offensive team is Punisher and Omega Sentinel (both lvl 12, both with sympathetic empowered iso 8) and generalist agent with Warbringer, Scroll of Angolob, Synthetic Cube and Monstrosity.

    I recently won a second Scroll in an incursion, and I was considering using both scrolls, AND both the synthetic cube and prototype cube, thus allowing absolutely maximized buff/debuff application and removal universally over all 6 contestants.

    Any thoughts on potential weaknesses or improvements? This is just a preliminary screening, as I'm sure there's stuff I've overlooked here. Thanks in advance for your input!

    Interesting note: despair doesn't prevent Sympathetic healing.

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    PKB is, by his own admission, on his way out. His attention and enthusiasm is waning. I feel I'm his next-best replacement, seeing as how I'm rational, reasonable, understand statistics (though, admittedly not to nearly the same extent that he does) 

    My first post will be short:

    The combo works well for group bosses that are at or near 100% health, but I believe it can be tweaked to work better in more cases. (often we get group bosses well below 100%) Specifically, if you have Heroic Age Iron Fist and Generalist Angel you probably don't need to suicide your agent in order to bring a group boss from 100 to zero. Between Aspersio boosting healing and IF with multiple healings (and stamina boosts) it's more a matter of just having the Galvani…

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