Hi Everyone,

I have collected the required heroes for all of the previous SpecOps. I have also highlighted heroes that were required more than once with bold.

The Following Heroes have been required more than once:

Gambit / Beast / Scarlet Witch / Hercules / Psylocke / Wasp / Spider-Man / Black Cat / Colossus / Punisher / Red Hulk / Phoenix / Tigra / Hercules / Falcon

The following heroes have been required more than twice:

Wasp / Hercules

I will keep this list updated as new SpecOps roll out in the future.

Special Operations 01 - Don't Say A Word...

Mockingbird Recruited

Hero Unlock: Mockingbird

5 Star all missions / No deploy requirement

Special Operations 02 - Long Live The Queen

Emma Frost Recruited

Hero Unlock: Emma Frost

Colossus / Phoenix / Scarlet Witch

Special Operations 03 - Avengers VS X-Men

Magik Recruited

Hero Unlock: Magik

Gambit / Nightcrawler / Rogue / Black Panther

Special Operations 04 - All Hallows

Ghost Rider Recruited

Hero Unlock: Ghost Rider

Daredevil Gambit (2nd time) / Hercules / Quicksilver

Special Operations 05 - The Wild Hunt

Valkyrie Recruited

Hero Unlock: Valkyrie

Beast / Kitty Pryde / Storm / Wolverine

Special Operations 06 - Cry Havok

Havok Recruited

Hero Unlock: Havok

Beast (2nd time) / Deadpool / Tigra

Special Operations 07 - Ghost In The Machine

Hank Pym Recruited

Hero Unlock: Hank Pym

Cable / Spider-Man / Wasp

Special Operations 08 - Vision Of The Future

Vision Recruited

Hero Unlock: Vision

Black Knight / Captain Britain / Psylocke

Special Operations 09 - Extremis

Rescue Recruited

Hero Unlock: Rescue

Punisher / Union Jack / War Machine

Special Operations 10 - So Shall Ye Reap

Wonder Man Recruited

Hero Unlock: Wonder Man

Black Cat / Thundra / X-23

Special Operations 11 - Sins Of The Fathers

Daimon Hellstrom Recruited

Hero Unlock: Daimon Hellstrom

Fantomex / Iron FistScarlet Witch (2nd time)

Special Operations 12 - Dark Reign

Ares Recruited

Hero Unlock: Ares

Hercules (2nd time) / Shatterstar / Thor

Special Operations 13 - Infinity

Black Bolt Recruited

Hero Unlock: Black Bolt

Psylocke (2nd time) / Red HulkWasp (2nd time)

Special Operations 14 - The Dark World

Heimdall Recruited

Hero Unlock: Heimdall

Mockingbird / She-Hulk / Valkyrie

Special Operations 15 - Game On

Nico Minoru Recruited

Hero Unlock: Nico Minoru

Bishop Spider-Man (2nd time) / HawkeyeBlack Cat (2nd time) / Black Widow / Emma Frost

Special Operations 16 - Apocalypse

Iceman Recruited

Hero Unlock: Iceman

Havok / Spiral Colossus (2nd time)

Special Operations 17 - Ghosts of the Past

Falcon Recruited

Hero Unlock: Falcon

Fandral Punisher (2nd time) / Red Hulk (2nd time)

Special Operations 18 – Symbiosis

Anti-Venom Recruited

Hero Unlock: Anti-Venom

Agent Venom / Gamora / Ms. Marvel

Special Operations 19 – Fratricide

Cannonball Recruited

Hero Unlock: Cannonball

Daimon Hellstrom / Hogun / Nightcrawler

Special Operations 20 - Guardians of the Galaxy

Star-Lord Recruited

Hero Unlock: Star-Lord

Ares Phoenix (2nd time) / Rocket Raccoon

Special Operations 21 - Savage Lands

Ka-Zar Recruited

Hero Unlock: Ka-Zar

Drax / GrootTigra (2nd time)

Special Operations 22 - Eclipse Phase

Blade Recruited
Morbius Recruited

Hero Unlock: Blade & Morbius

Gorgon / Medusa / Nico Minoru

Special Operations 23 – Inhumans

Crystal Recruited

Hero Unlock: Crystal

Hercules (3rd time) / Iceman / Molly Hayes

Special Operations 24 - Land of Fire and Ice

Beta Ray Bill Recruited

Hero Unlock: Beta Ray Bill

Falcon / Heimdall / Thing

Special Operations 25 – Runaways

Chase Stein Recruited

Hero Unlock: Chase Stein

Cannonball / Karnak / Karolina Dean (seprate task requirement: Molly HayesHawkeye (2nd time) / Nico Minoru (2nd time) )

Special Operations 26 - Age of Ultron

Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man Unlocked
Avengers Age of Ultron Hulk Unlocked

Uniforms Unlock: Avengers: Age of Ultron Iron Man & Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk

Hank Pym / Nova / Squirrel Girl / (Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk epic boss requirement: Wasp (3rd time) )

Special Operations 27 - Along Came the Spiders

Ultimate Spider-Man Recruited

Hero Unlock: Ultimate Spider-Man

Ka-Zar / Angela / Mr. Fantastic

Special Operations 28 - Enter Ant-Man

Ant-Man Recruited

Hero Unlock: Ant-Man

Cyclops / Moon Knight / Victor Mancha

Special Operations 29 - Aranea ex Machina

Silk Recruited

Hero Unlock:' Silk

Agent Venom (2nd time) / Anti-Venom / Beast (3rd time)

Special Operations 30 - Instruments of Darkness

Spitfire Recruited

Hero Unlock:' Spitfire

Magik (2nd time) / Angela (2nd time) / Black Widow (2nd time)

Special Operations 31 - Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones Recruited

Hero Unlock:' Jessica Jones

Chase Stein / Elsa Bloodstone  

Special Operations 32 - Follow the Leader

Red She-Hulk Recruited

Hero Unlock:' Red She-Hulk

Falcon / Spider-Girl  

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