• J.Stormfeather

    Hi Everyone,

    I have collected the required heroes for all of the previous SpecOps. I have also highlighted heroes that were required more than once with bold.

    The Following Heroes have been required more than once:

    Gambit / Beast / Scarlet Witch / Hercules / Psylocke / Wasp / Spider-Man / Black Cat / Colossus / Punisher / Red Hulk / Phoenix / Tigra / Hercules / Falcon

    The following heroes have been required more than twice:

    Wasp / Hercules

    I will keep this list updated as new SpecOps roll out in the future.

    Special Operations 01 - Don't Say A Word...

    Hero Unlock: Mockingbird

    5 Star all missions / No deploy requirement

    Special Operations 02 - Long Live The Queen

    Hero Unlock: Emma Frost

    Colossus / Phoenix / Scarlet Witch

    Special Operations 03 - Avenger…

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