• Ivrancesca

    My Black Cat Suggestions!

    November 20, 2013 by Ivrancesca

    I'm always attracted to cat themes. So here we go, Black Cat !

    *Empowered Iso

    • Lucky Charm -Stroke of Luck lasts for 1 round.
    • Mean Kitty -20% chance to avoid all attacks and counter them. Immune to Off-Balance. 

    *Classic Black Cat*

    •  Felicity - When an ally critically hit an enemy, applies a random buff on them and a random debuff on an enemy.
    •  Unfortunate Crossing - Applies Unlucky debuff on all enemies. Will be removed when BC is ko'd. Unlucky reduces Accuracy & Evasion.

    *Claws Black Cat*

    •  Catty - Cat Scratch inflicts hemorrhage and apply Shred to bleeding immune enemies.
    •  Jinx - Beneficial abilities from enemies have a substantially chance to trigger. Negative abilities applied onto enemies have a substantially chance to t…

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