Be honest. I doubt you willl be playing this game when you're in your 80's (if the game even lasts that long). Sure this game is extremely fun, but one day you are going to quit. Maybe there's going to be a a game that's similar to this, but way better (just like Myspace and Facebook). So I came up with a list that will may make you quit playing in the future.

  • They make you pay real money for heroes.
  • The CVE's are out of control.
  • The game runs out of fun and creative ideas.
  • A new game comes out that greatly suppresses this one.
  • When the game becomes exceedingly difficult.
  • Playdom stops making updates.
  • You get into a really old age.
  • You simply get bored of this game.
  • They stop making spec ops.
  • Playdom shuts MAA down.

I know that this game has been out for only a little over a year and some of you just started, but I want to know your opinion. Are you going to eventually stop playing this game or are you going to continue playing for the rest of your life?

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