This is a question that is in my mind. Which is better, spec ops or PVP tournaments. So I listed all the similarities and differences.


  • They both give you new heroes (spec ops so far gave us Mockingbird, Emma Frost, Magik, Ghost Rider ectPVP tournaments gave us Deadpool, Cable, Psylocke, Punisher, ect.)
  • They both give us new gear(spec ops gave us countless new gear, PVP tournaments gives us one every season
  • They both give us daily rewards.


  • Excluding the first one all spec ops have 25 tasks in order to get the hero
  • PVP gives us power armor
  • Spec ops uses up a lot of your gifts from allies
  • PVP awards are given by the percentage you got during the season
  • You can get the spec ops hero as soon as the spec ops become available, PVP tournament heroes are given after the tournament ends
  • PVP heroes are not limited edition

In the comments below say which is your favorite. Mine is spec ops because it is easier for me, sometimes you get to fight new villains, it gives you more gear than PVP tournaments, you get the hero as soon as you are done with the tasks, gives you story lines and overall more fun than PVP tournaments.

Also in the comments below leave any suggestions that I could add to similarities and/or differences (I am pretty sure I am missing a few, but I just can't remember).

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