Note: I created this blog before Special Operations - Guardians of the Galaxy was released. It was intended to be a joke blog.

Wow, look at the color of the iso. It's so awe inspiring isn't it? I don't know about you, but I desperately wait every spec ops just to find out what the next color is.

Tip: Make sure you collect all the isos that you can, your going to need them later.

Star-Lord looks great. His L2 was better than I expected it to be and his passive is suprisingly effective. A little bit dissipointed about facing Thanos' Black Order again. I wanted to fight Ego the Living Planet

Tip: When your fighting Supergiant, watch out for her one attack. Really has some nasty effects.

The tasks are pretty simple. Although, task #18 really caught me off guard. Just do them in order and you'll be fine. The story of the spec ops is pretty decent. The ending could have been better, but good nonetheless.

Just follow this simple guide and you should finish the spec ops on Monday.  

If your stuck in a task or need help wondering what to do, type it below in the comments.

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