Do you remember the old times? Times when there was no Emma Frost or Scroll of Angolob. Well this blog will remind you of the changes this game had.


I remember when the top heroes for each class were:

  • Blaster: Iron Man
  • Bruiser: Hulk / Thor
  • Infiltrator: Spider-Man
  • Scrapper: Daredevil
  • Tactician: Captain America / War Machine

Now look at these heroes now. The only ones I still in PVP a lot are Thor (with his modern alt.) and Cap (with his WW2 alt). Spider-Man used to be my favorite character in the game, but the meta changed.


PVP changed SO much. Back then not everybody did PVP because their was no tournaments back then. PVP was more for fun and self achievement. Now it is about competition and stress. I remember in PVP I had a great strategy that I used in all my fights when facing Cap.

  • First I had Spider-Man use spider-sense.
  • Then I hit Cap, dodge his counter attack,
  • Next an enemy attacks Spidey, he protects, dodges it, and it triggers his spider sense.
  • Use Web slingshot on Captain America a few times and done.

Snice Cap was the most used character back then I did the same steps over and over, I did not lose many battles. Then Emma got in the game ....


There were no Dark Sigils, Scroll of Angolob or Warbringers back then. If people wanted to remove buffs they had the Foley's Heart Tickeler. 

Special Operations

Most people got Mockingbird the easy way (like me) with CP. When the first spec ops started you needed to five star all three missions. There were no tasks to complete. Then for spec ops 2 and all the rest of them had you complete 25 tasks to get the hero which in mt in my opinion is way easier than five staring all the missions.

Command Point Farming

Back then CP used to be dropped from battles. So people used to farm CP from Electra. It was so easy to farm CP because every time you battled her, you got at least one CP dropped from battle. The way to farm was you fought her, wait for CP to drop, lose on purpose and repeat. Then Playdom took away CP drops completely away and people went to farm at 4.4 with Magneto.

Those are all the things I can remember at the top of my head. At the end change is actually good. Imagine how boring it will be if the game stayed the same? The main problem I have is if they going to release new heores and update old ones with new and fresh passives, they should do it it with all the heroes that need it (can you honestly remember when was the last time you used Hulk in PVP?).   

If I forgot something that you remembered type it in the comments below and I could add it in.

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