All good things must come to an end. Especially once it stops becoming an efficient source of money.


I view that the game had it's jump the shark moment with all those e-isos they released in their Summer (please don't let PVP participation get bummer) Sale. Seemed more desperate than the current state of American politics.

When will it end? How will it end? These are questions I'm yearning to learn the answer to.

For the last date of any updates, I'll make a semi wild guess and say February 23, 2017. Feel free to type what date you'll think MAA will cease to update or shut down entirely in the comments below.

As for how it will end, I'm predicting last minute fan service galore. Characters like the chrome rider and the contemptible king of the sea. Really can't have chrome rider without the the hungry big guy I used for a homage title (though, I rather not have Galactus become a beatable boss in the game).

All I want is for Playdom to satisfy my Spider-Man fanboy needs by finishing off the other three Sinister Six members becoming lockbox heroes and making Rhino a boss.

Have any bucket wishlist things you want to see come to the game before it's inevitable fate? Type it in the comments below as well.

Update: Congratulations to Regulus22 for having the closest guess to the expiration date of MAA. Despite the pessimism his comment may have displayed, he still overguessed.

Now that the game is officially finishing off, how do you feel about it? I regularly played this game since the year it first got released in 2012, and for me, I am in a state of melancholy and relief. My feelings of this game were always swapping. Some days I genuinely get enjoyment while playing, while other days it's far more like a chore.

In the comments, feel free to tell the wikia your MAA story. Ranging from the very begining to how you will spend your new ample amounts of free time you'll have open up now.

"Cyclops actually has two eyes."

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