Everywhere I go in this wikia I see the same questions, should I buy the Mk 42 or the Iron Patriot.

So I'm going to answer the most common ones here.

NOTE: These are just my opinions. You may or may not agree with them.

Should I Buy the Mk 42 or Iron Patriot?

I would go with the Mk 42. They are both really good, but Mk 42 has better moves (plus the 'Call for Backup' is one of the most fun passives in the game). If you have the CP you should get both.

Should I Get Tactician or Blaster

I will stick with thier defult class for both of them.

Iron Man: Iron Man has two AOE attacks that could give infiltrators combat reflexes if he is a Tactician. His L9 has a deadly crit. Even though his passive Auto-targeting Interface can have a chance to make his attacks 100% chance to hit and crit, it's still just a chance.

War Machine: He has a passive that can give the debuff target to attacking enemies. His L1 ignores defense and has high crits. Lastly, his L9 makes his attacks have a 100% chance to hit and crit for one round.

I Don't Have All the Heroes Needed for Spec Ops 9, Should I Buy the Costumes or Buy the Heroes Needed to get Rescue?

First if you have 12.2 unlocked you have a great chance to get both. You should also buy the needed heroes first and the movie costumes after. It's always better to have a limited Hero than a costume.

Remember, this spec ops is really easy and they gave us a pretty long time to do it.

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