NOTE: This blog is not about what types of iso to put on your heroes. If you are looking for that, Potkettleblack has written an excellent blog post.


Chips are the first types of iso in the game. Researching all the chip isos will cost a total of 20,990 sliver and 134 shield points. Since you will most likely have very few heroes at the start of the game and can get the chips from deploys I highly recommend not to waste your silver and shield points on researching this type of iso.


At level 30 you can research fragments. Researching all the fragment isos will cost a total of 223,850 silver and 274 shield points. As I said for the chips I highly recommend not to waste your silver and shield points on researching this type of iso.


At level 60 you can research shards. Researching all the shard isos will cost a total of 536,500 silver and 332 shield points. Just like the chips and fragments I do not recommend you to waste your materials on this type .


At level 100 you can research crystals. Researching all the crystal isos will cost a total of 899,800 silver and 342 shield points. Just like the for the chips, fragments, and shards I recommend not to research this type as well.


At level 125 you can research reactives. I know for the past isos I was telling you not to research them, but for this one I recommend to do this research 100%. The reason I told you not to research the other ones was that you will need the materials for this one. Researching all the reactive isos will cost a massive total of 1,881,800 silver and 1176 shield points. If you did not research any chip, fragment, shard, or crystal iso you would save 1,681,140 silver and 1082 shield points.

Buying Reactives

Reactive are the most complex isos to buy. They are complex because they are the only customized iso in the game. What I do recommend is to buy reactive isos for your top two to four heroes and your agent for each PVP season. I found    the mean average of the prices of a reactive iso and it rounded up to 20,542. So if you had your four top PVP heroes on level twelve and gave them all reactive iso you will spend on average 986,016.That is a lot of silver. What I do not recommend to do is to redo your iso to all your heroes every thirty levels. Just imagine that you had thirty heroes that are all at level 9. For every time you reach thirty levels you would spend 3,081,300, and that's only if you have thirty heroes all in level 9. So what I do suggest is to get your top fifteen to twenty heroes for PVE and give them reactive isos. Also every time you get a new hero give it all reactive isos. Excluding your PVP heroes, once you gave your heroes reactive isos do not give them new ones until you reach level 300. When you do reach level 300 redo all the isos for all your heroes.


  • Do not give any of your heroes any gold isos. It would be a waste just replacing them.
  • If you need any more shield points go to the Free Stuff page.
  • Make sure that you upgrade all your Fight Deck jets to the max once you reach level 100.

Did this help you? Were you disagreeing for some of the things I said? Have any tips to suggest? Type in the comments below.

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