• Why is Emma Froust giving buffs to enmeies?
  • My pour Emma, know i can't win pvp ever agian.


                                              There's a bug!! Aysmen's hoarseman of death costume is                                                                                                  free, but it says I neads moar silver!!

'                                                         '  Playdom = Munsters

                   Why u nerf Havok??? He's useles now!! Even luke cage is beter than him.

  • PVP is ful of stewpid chaeters, playdom neads too band them
  • Those cheaters use overpwoered hereos to win EVREY BATLE

                                          Playdom makes eveything unfiar. I want to get the 99 tankrads so I can get 

                                                        that warriors three gear, but I have to farm for it and farming means                                                                              leveling and I'm trying to sandbagg so I can win pvp

                                                                                        Playdom needs to fix this!

  • Add me Add me Add me Add me Add me Add me Add me Add me Add me
  • Lvl375 player, sends gitfs everyday


                                            Im geting tired of fiteting wallet warroirs in pvp

                                               Thier should be too modes in pvp,

                                Won for non-chaeting, reaguler players and won for wallet warroirs

  • That Thorny waepon sucks
  • It deos moar damage to my agnet insead of my enimes


                                                     Where do i find parte tankrads? i got 1000 isos and farmd                                                                                          the spec ops all day an did'nt even drop won. 

                                                                                            Playdumb sucks


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