Playdom thought they could hide the hero Moondragon away from me? HA. Despite not being in the team management tab nor the patch notes, I managed to find her in the combat hero list. Playdom thought they were sly, they're not. I know sly, I dealt with the Chinese in business.

Besides what's with the bald female space characters? We got Nebula now Moondragon. A woman who is bald headed is very hard to be a 10.

This is the second time this spec ops that I got a forced refresh in battle. I lost iso and energy faster than I lost Miss Universe and Celebrity Apprentice.

All problems in MAA eventually leads to PVP (just like how all of America's problem this decade eventually leads to Hillary Clinton and her run as Secretary of State). On the win two PVP battles task, it was a nightmare. The first battle went as good as my current state in the polls. Then, I got to the Worthy teams. I lost four times in a row. Although I forfeited the third match, because I Trump know when I am beaten (something Bernie Sanders lacks).

Why even bother releasing new heroes anyway if we know by the next Worthy alt. will be vastly superior. The one that especially grinds my gears is Damion Hellstrom. Well he gets first turn and applies possessed to all your heroes, you know your're in for a bad time. To top it off, he's a demon, not a superhero. He's as much as a hero as John McCain.

The hardest part of the task was the amount of time I was wasting. I just wanted to set my research for the Psyche Persuader so I can hurry up and get ready for my next rally.

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