PVP is the relm of chaos. Those players have no honor. In PVP I feel like Jeb Bush, a loser. Justin Woods, I hope you're hearing me you sad pathetic man. How about you stop having wet dreams about president deadpool and actually do something right.

How dare you nerf magic warding. Now I have to get my Sweet Licks Red Velvet Cupcake Lube ready whenever I face a Nul team. It's more unstable than Greece's economy, I can tell you that.

I was at 1668! Then, at the last day of PVP I got shoved into the ground like a minority during Black Friday (because trust me, they desperately need those deals).

That Back For More e-iso needs to go. Just like the Clintons, we don't want for someone to come back that's only half as good as last time.

Back in the day PVP was a pleasure, not a necessity. I want to get PVP back to it's roots. I want to...

                                        MAKE PVP GREAT AGAIN

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