Aysmen shoud be in the game beacuase he is won of the ferst Xmen and he neads twentny difernet atacks and won of them shoud be calling a Johton form a distres call beacuase Johton is ice and Aysmen is ice and ice is blu so Aysmen neads to get enraged beacuase he is alslow blu and he shoud alslow be ayble to call lokie beacuase lokie is a Johton and Johton is ice and Aysmen is ice and he shoud alslow call Ema Fruost beacuase Ema Fruost has Fruost in her name and ice is fruost and Aysmen is ice and he shoud alslow call Hidroman beacuase he is water and when ice melts it turns to water so Hidroman and Aysmen are allmost the eaxct same caracter other than Hidroman is water and Aysmen is ice and his hoarseman of death alt should have fatal blow for all moves beause fatal blow is won hundread persent death on herows with low heltlh and he is a hoarseman of death so it makes cents and after Aysmen I want Sealfur Sufer, Juleibe, Bluhayde.

(Note: This blog was intended to be an exaggerated and humorous representation of all the Iceman comments in the wiki)

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