Believe it or not there are disadvantages about being at level 300, but there is also advantages So I made this blog to tell you them.


  • When you get new customized weapons like from spec ops, they will never outlevel.
  • No one in PVP will be at a higher level than you.
  • You can reforge your weapons you had before reaching level 300 and never have to worry about reforging it again.
  • You can buy reactive isos without having to replace them when they get outleveled.
  • Having most of the heroes.


  • Because you can't level up any more you can't get that extra gold you get for every level you reach.
  • You can't get the full energy refill for leveling up because you're already at max level.
  • Your agent's XP you get from doing battles will mean nothing.

Those are all the advantages and disadvantages I could think for know. I also have a prediction that in the future they will add more levels and that this blog will become useless when that day comes. In the comments below describe how do you feel about being at Level 300 and anything I have forgot I could add it to this list. Also in the comments below type if you're like me and not at Level 300 yet do you want to level up as fast as you can to get there or you can wait and take it steady.

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