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  • IronspeedKnight

    With all the recent blogs have been about reminiscing and/or mourning at the soon to be shut down of this beloved game, I thought it would be nice to have a break from all that to do I blog that shows how many character's classes match the main color of their sprites. Dual-Class characters I cheated with, by them having double the odds of being here.

    If only Playdom gave Beetle her color scheme from the comics. That way, both her classes will be represented in her costume.

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  • IronspeedKnight

    All good things must come to an end. Especially once it stops becoming an efficient source of money.

    I view that the game had it's jump the shark moment with all those e-isos they released in their Summer (please don't let PVP participation get bummer) Sale. Seemed more desperate than the current state of American politics.

    When will it end? How will it end? These are questions I'm yearning to learn the answer to.

    For the last date of any updates, I'll make a semi wild guess and say February 23, 2017. Feel free to type what date you'll think MAA will cease to update or shut down entirely in the comments below.

    As for how it will end, I'm predicting last minute fan service galore. Characters like the chrome rider and the contemptible king of th…

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  • IronspeedKnight

    Playdom thought they could hide the hero Moondragon away from me? HA. Despite not being in the team management tab nor the patch notes, I managed to find her in the combat hero list. Playdom thought they were sly, they're not. I know sly, I dealt with the Chinese in business.

    Besides what's with the bald female space characters? We got Nebula now Moondragon. A woman who is bald headed is very hard to be a 10.

    This is the second time this spec ops that I got a forced refresh in battle. I lost iso and energy faster than I lost Miss Universe and Celebrity Apprentice.

    All problems in MAA eventually leads to PVP (just like how all of America's problem this decade eventually leads to Hillary Clinton and her run as Secretary of State). On the win tw…

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  • IronspeedKnight

    PVP is the relm of chaos. Those players have no honor. In PVP I feel like Jeb Bush, a loser. Justin Woods, I hope you're hearing me you sad pathetic man. How about you stop having wet dreams about president deadpool and actually do something right.

    How dare you nerf magic warding. Now I have to get my Sweet Licks Red Velvet Cupcake Lube ready whenever I face a Nul team. It's more unstable than Greece's economy, I can tell you that.

    I was at 1668! Then, at the last day of PVP I got shoved into the ground like a minority during Black Friday (because trust me, they desperately need those deals).

    That Back For More e-iso needs to go. Just like the Clintons, we don't want for someone to come back that's only half as good as last time.

    Back in the d…

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  • IronspeedKnight

    Empty Abyss

    June 26, 2015 by IronspeedKnight

    You read that title right? Sums up how the the blog section in this wiki has been looking for the past few months. Can't really blame it. Back when it was popular it was plagued with an overload if fan fiction.

    Now (aside from the occasional guide), there really isn't any use for them. You can just use the threads.

    So what are your opinions on the nature of blogs? Do you think they should make a comeback or are threads far superior.....or do you simply don't care to begin with and only read this because you were bored.

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