Good evening, my fellow Agents.

I bring to you this little blog about some gear you should really have or at least not to lose the chance to get them in your wish list for SantaClaus. The porpuse of this is to have a point of start for new players, a resumé for expert players and to balance the procs and cons of many gear to reach one of these list.

There are many awesome gears in game that sometimes is hard to know which ones should I get or focus to use on certain strategies, but most of all, which ones are the best at any situation with any team or equipment?

Here you´ll find 3 types of list, all about must have gears, a list of VIP Gears (LE, PVP, SpecOps, GoldSale, CoverTask). Best Farmable (PVE, ChallengeMode) & Re-work Gears(green-blue new ones, QA/FA).

Top 15 VIP Gears

These gears are very powerful, many wallet warriors got them but each of them worth the Gold. Solid by themselves and help no matter your strategy even on PVP.

1.- Synthetic Cube

Synthetic Cube

Why is a Must Have?: One of the first MultiFunction gears, this one may crash strategies, Heal, Boost-Debuff and Smash exploiting debuffs. Its Evasion passive is pretty anoying/helpful. Very common on PVP and you can always count with 1 of its 4 actions to save your team or slow/kill your enemy.

How can I get it?: It was part originally from a Cover Task, but its been re-re-re-re-released between 96/128 Gold price. Just wait for it.

2.- Scroll of Angolob

Scroll of Angolob
Why is a Must Have?: Subtle, QA, clear debuffs from your team and removes buff from enemy team. Simple, powerful, helpful anytime. Many scrolls have been released after it, but this one still the best.

How can I get it?: Originally was a PVP reward, but now you can get it from Incusions from PVE if you are lucky enough, however, sometimes they sell it for 64Gold.

3.- Neurotrope

Why is a Must Have?: Excellent QA gear, empowers your team for a charge attack, buffing your allies and granting Epiphany. With this one you feel safe to get a heavy attack turn.

How can I get it?: Originally as a LE item sometimes they sell it for 64Gold, however, some days you may see it as a reward on Daily Missions.

4.- Cosmic Cardinal

Cosmic Cardinal
Why is a Must Have?: One of the first Special Functionality gears, the magic in this one is its high chance to proc, not so bad damage, but the Cosmic energy to all your team is useful, specially for recent PVP stamina changes, plus enhaces Defense stat. One of the best for a DEF PVP team for high proc rate and stamina support.

How can I get it?: Sometimes they re-sell it for 64Gold but as Neurotrope you can see it among Daily Mission rewards.

5.- Warbringer Axe

Warbringer Axe
Why is a Must Have?: This thing used to Ignore Defense but they nerf it to Adamantium, but the best thing of this is the Warbringer passive, boost the ATK and ACCU for your team member when get attack. Useful for PVP ATK teams for more accurated damage.

How can I get it?: Sometimes they re-release it for 64Gold too. May looks simple, but worth it.

6.- Weather Control Device

Weather Control Device
Why is a Must Have?: Agents use to compare it with the Cube, but the QA properties of this one makes it faster, however it has its own propuses, the healing action grant a shared cooldown for the other action but is pretty good. As QA don´t ask much damage but debuff like Exhausted makes you use it with no doubt.

How can I get it?: Wait again to get released for 64Gold.

7.- Lantern of Doom

Lantern of Doom
Why is a Must Have?: Take the best of Dr. Strange, Magik and Black Knight and you get this item. Bypassing the magic from Mystic, this gear overpowers it. Its actions become QA if you have Sacred or Unholy on your Agent. Snappy service or Safeguard Tact suit help too.

How can I get it?: Is a recent Free item from Gold Sale.

8.- Hexenjaeger

Why is a Must Have?: This old fashioned gun is the counter-measure to Magic teams on PVP. Enchantress and some Worthys afraid this thing.

How can I get it?: Is a past 64Gold LE gear. Wait for the re-release and prepare your gold.

9.- Small Hadron Collider

Small Hadron Collider
Why is a Must Have?: A MultiFunction with useful things ensure to hit the enemies. This thing shares Smartest Man in the Room to all allies with its first action; Snappy Service makes it faster and you take the best of it to use another offensive action.

How can I get it?: Originally a Free item on a Gold Sale they re-released it by 96Gold.

10.- Shepherd´s Staff

Why is a Must Have?: Wololo your team by granting Crown of Glory til your Agent die, is not better than Magic Warding but the charm of this is to give an Extra Turn for your allies by losing yourself 1. Not a high cost if you Agent is a Protector or Healer, but is perfect to haste strategies for your other allies. Heals a bit and is QA.

How can I get it?: Originally a CoverTask reward but they released time ago by 83Gold.

11.- Scroll of Rutamarroth

Scroll of Rutamarroth
Why is a Must Have?: If you like to bring hell on Earth, this is the best way to do it, with an insane Subtle QA AoE attack with Opportunist, and by the simple cost of Slowed on your Agent you give Manipulated, but there´s moooore, any Pressure Point on you is a world of pain for you enemy. Satanna and Pesty not included. Make your Soul worth it, make a Dark Bargain with Mephistofeles... again...

How can I get it?: Formerly Free on a Gold Sale but they re-released it by 128Gold, kinda expensive, but unique in its class.

12.- Blade of the Guardian

Blade of the Guardian
Why is a Must Have?: Behold an ancient sword capable to Protect allies, counter-attack and boost your Agent at the same time!! Basic and one of the best for Tank Agents, this old sword makes you stronger with every hit you take same your attacks.

How can I get it?: A 64Gold old gear with many re-released by 48Gold. I think I´ve seen it as DailyMission reward too.

13.- Peace Pulser

Peace Pulser
Why is a Must Have?: Awesome design, with excellent debuffs on its 2 first actions, the third one is for all allies and the Ranged type is wide among heroes attacks, very useful. The more you use it the more you like it.

How can I get it?: Free item on past Gold Sale. They eventually will bring it back at a high cost, prepare your Gold.

14.- Relentless Rapier

Relentless Rapier
Why is a Must Have?: Rapier?? more like Ripper. Adamantium, Brutal Strike, high proc rate(60% but looks like 80%) follow-up attack on ally attacks and Cornered makes this beautiful sword something useful and powerful for PVP specially if you got 2 other more pieces of its Arachnid Set.

How can I get it?: A 64Gold item with Research Task option(free) during the Spider-verse Chapter 1 SpecOps.

15.- The Mandible

The Mandible
Why is a Must Have?: Formican Set gave us this technological glove that Exploit Opportunity (those debuffs are more helpful than you think and more often seen), it may counter-attack even if they hit 1 of your heroes, Ant-Pheromone is given and is a shared follow-up for your heroes too. Is incredible for supporting counter and offensive teams. This is the classic case of Size Doesn´t Matter.

How can I get it?: A 64Gold item with Research Task option(free) during the Ant-Man SpecOps

Honorific Mentions:

Whistling Steel
Whistling Steel: Beautiful design. High chance to counter and to follow-up. Great for fast damage strategies, Black Roscoe, Union Jack and Rocket Raccon makes parties with this. Increases offensive stats, but Combo Breaker crushes its strategy. Go for it if you want to taste some speed with fancy steel. Probably will re-released by 96Gold.

Techno-Organic Endoskeleton
Techno-Organic Endoskeleton: Mechanical Body is the closest passive to the new Cybernetic, it is very similar to Reboot´s Heavy Metal and a taste of Colossus´ Organic Steel; the advantage of Mechanical Body over Cybernetic is that makes your inmune to Bio and Psychic type attack, I guess it includes Fear effects. Was originally sold by 64Gold, good thing you can find it as reward for some Daily Missions. It was also given at lvl10 on Marvel´s M:AA EXP rank.

Legion Pulse Rifle
Legion Pulse Riffle : One of the most inclusive gears by its "On The Team" passive, possibilities with this gears are insane by the chance to get the features/passives/properties on Agent´s moves from AoU Avengers Alts. It may pre-emtive counter-attack with Radiation Exposure the whole enemy team while you gain resistance to it. Was a 64Gold LE item but they just sold it with the entire Legionary Set before.

Top 10 Best Farmable Gears

These gears are the best option to farm on PVE and on many cases more powerful than some LE gears.

1.- Power of Four

Power of Four
Why is a Must Have?: This is one of the best and the most original gear from Season 1, it gives your Agent 4 Extra Turns in a row, by a simple cost....your Agent´s Life muahaha! Srsly with 4 turn you can kill a team by yourself.

Where to Farm it?: Season 1, Chapter 5, Mission 6.

2.- Chaoshot SMG

Chaoshot SMG
Why is a Must Have?: The best of the Smart Weapon (something PD failed to apply). This assault riffle is Multifunction with good options, 1st action gives Chaoshot(many cool debuffs) and the 2nd action Exploit Attrition but also Ignore Defense, something rare on attack gears. Simple.

Where to Farm it?: Season 2, Chapter 2, Mission 6. Challenge Mode.

3.- Dark Sigil

Dark Sigil
Why is a Must Have?: Demonic design, the damage is easily outleveled but an AoE with Burning, Dark Void AND valuable Weak Point is an offer you can´t refuse.

Where to Farm it?: Season 1, Chapter 9, Mission 6. 

4.- Staff of Asklepios

Staff of Asklepios
Why is a Must Have?: A divine touch of healing the best part is that enhace the healing effects of any healer. A Life ensurance for Tactician Agents.

Where to Farm it?: Season 2, Chapter 4, Mission 4. Challenge Mode.

5.- Chitter-Chatter Box

Chitter-Chatter Box
Why is a Must Have?: One of few Summon Attack gears (No counters). A powerful QA that gives Flanked (an offensive helpful debuff) and if you are worry they protect it, it also gives Cornered.

Where to Farm it?: Season 2, Chapter 5, Mission 3. Challenge Mode.

6.- Psychic Amplifier

Psychic Amplifier
Why is a Must Have?: Simple is one of the best from all Season 2. In spite the chance to give Potential Unleashed(clear debuffs, increases stats), it restores stamina to your whole team. Another awesome QA gear.

Where to Farm it?: Season 2, Chapter 5, Mission 4. Challenge Mode.

7.- Uterpendragon

Why is a Must Have?: A beautiful sword that makes you Unstaunnable (hell yeah, no more Stun for Agent). If you think that´s all, go and see it by yourself, you´ll face an excellent weapon with amazing skills. Spirits, Demons and Vampires beware! 

Where to Farm it?: Season 2, Chapter 7, Mission 1. Challenge Mode.

8.- Blind Justice

Blind Justice
Why is a Must Have?: It looks simple, not hard damage, but its passives "One for All" and "All for One" is a good call for teamwork defeating a menace, they feel like Mental Coordination and Coordinated Defense in 1 gear. Blinded is in fact anoying on PVP.

Where to Farm it?: Season 2, Chapter 7, Mission 2. Challenge Mode.

9.- Mental Manipulator

Mental Manipulator
Why is a Must Have?: Strong item for Psychic teams, however, the best part of this is the Manipulated debuff, a version of Dispair for 1 enemy, Weak Mind and fair chance to get Mind Control, a pain in the 455 as Disoriented. If you think theres a backfire using this, well is just for 1 enemy but at least has no cooldown.

Where to Farm it?: Season 2, Chapter 8, Mission 6. Challenge Mode.

10.- Golden Heavy Ion Beam

Golden Heavy Ion Beam
Why is a Must Have?: One of the best QA offensive gears., why? QA, Radiation Exposure AND Iso-8 Corruption (DoT effect, stackable and reduces Stats), as a Gold weapon the level depends of your Agent. Many people want a QA item to buff, heal or debuff with this one you actually make damage and debuff.

Where to Farm it?: Season 2, All missions in Chapter 8 in Challenge Mode.

Honorific Mentions:

Custom Only For Killing
C.O.F.K. :The Psychic-Energy Attak property makes it perfect to guarrantee the powerful Mental Anguish on your enemy plus Migraine to reduce damage even if it has not hard attack you can hit swift crits so damage is up to your stats. It is found on Season 1, Chapter 9, Mission 4. Epic Drop. Challenge Mode.

[[Ring of Denak|

Ring of Denak
Ring of Denak]] : Has a lot of fun effects, the Ethereal Strike makes sure enemies get Bleeding and Bane(wonderful for magic teams) Corrupting Influence is a risky game you may enjoy, Sins to everyone... It´s the most curious and powerful of the Rings available on Season 2, Chapter 8 Mission 5 Challenge Mode.

Top 5 Re-work Gears

These gears are part of the new released items for Daily Missions rewards, they are old item with FA or QA ability, making them even better, even more than actual gears, they are exclusive from there and uncommon to target to farm, but if you are lucky enough you may want to know which ones you should try to get at first chance.

1.- Impeding Doom

Impending Doom
Why is a Must Have?: I wanted to start with this one in honor to the Custom Doombringer . This item would be 1 of the best of the entire Game but certain details make it down on grade. As equal as the original this gear is Subtle, reduces stats with an stackable debuff but it does NOT increase your Agent´s stats(unless you have the original also equipped), something the original does best; probably the Free Action is the cost to not boost Agent, but at least gives you the chance to use a QA gear, everymove is important.

2.- Jade Prism

Jade Prism
Why is a Must Have?:
Emeral Prism´s Glow is a buff that works wonderful to enhace your Agent´s power cause works as Rebuff plus gives more attack and defense while attack and being attacked. Is a FA gear you may use each round.

3.- Magnetic Field Dynamo

Magnetic Field Dynamo
Why is a Must Have?: A better version of the Epic drop S1C4M4 based on Magneto, now as FA gear you shield your team and give you the possibility of an Extra Turn when is removed. An smart defensive move with fast results. 

4.- Menacing Pulse

Menacing Pulse
Why is a Must Have?:
If you can´t get Uterpendragon and don´t want to waste your E-iso slot on the Unstunnable e-iso, this gear is a very good replacement, since it gives you the same passive, Subtle FA AoE attack plus Intimidated, not bad.

5.- Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement
Why is a Must Have?: 
This Rolex is able to give your whole party an Extra Turn, so as a QA now it feels like 2 turns on Agent.

Honorific Mentions:

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror
A basic item for those Healer that mocks on enemy´s attacks. The FA addition and just 1round cooldown make this a tricky defensive item.


There are many many gears on game that work wonders paired with other ones, strategies so solid that even if you get most of these gears you may not defeat that kind of opponent, however these lists are made as a point of encounter and to help new player to create their own criteria about the Meta. As always, each Agent is responsible for their game and equippment as they are free to share and elaborate their opinions.

This Top Lists of Must Have Gears are based on the Experience and helpful Feedback made by everyone commenting on gear from this Wikia... and my not so n00b judgement.

There´s no such as Best Gear of the Game cause 1 weapon does not win the battle alone; is by the inteligence and teamwork an Agent and their allies whom wins the fights.

Thanks for reading and sharing your opinions.

P.S.: I´m not so good editing pages, so if someone want to improve this post adding pictures or using frames or something, would be nice, anyway I´ll try to make this one look better, but later jeje. Peace.

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