Evening, Agents. As a boring and free-time day at office, I decided to make a new entry about, IMVH&HO, the best Supplies/Gifts til moment to help new player or curious Agents to know which are the best ones around.

Top 15 Supply/Gift

In my experience, many of them had prevent great disasters and made easier some epic fights. Against the odds, a well synchronized application of these maybe give the perfect timing into a huge counter-attack and give the flip over OP foes. Even if their use is only on PVE, thinking, hypotetically, about using some of them on PVP may get us on nerves. 

As important as gear in a battle, and even better than certain heroes skill, a Supply/Gift from our inventory may save the day and bring us the glory in battle. Here is a top 15 of the best I know and this rank is based on usefulness, singularity, rare comparing and powerful from their buff/debuff/resource they can give against hard battles. From least to best:

15.- Tiny Transistors: Let´s start simple, with all these FA/QA moves changes and new gears, how about an Empowered Tact Agent with 5 gear slots AND with Extra turn and Targeting Assistance = 100% Hit&crit and True Strike in all his/her attacks in that turn? 

14.- Seraphim Feather : Beautiful just looking at it, but healing on your team while DoT effects resistance is something Divine to feel. It costs Gold maybe for that reasons, but these days I recommend to save it.

13.- Chrismas Cookies : On PVE you run fast Stamina specially with many changes and F/Q Actions, in that cases a full restore of your TEAM stamina is what you need for those cold nights. On X-mas season you get a bunch of them. Even if they are to Santa Claus.

12.- Jelly Beans : These ones feel like the Sun Also Rises. Rising-up buffs, Regenerative ones and even Remove debuffs are what your team need when you want more power.

11.- The Crippler: A very good one to depower any enemy. Researchable, damage and 4 guaranteed Pressure Points debuffs and some other gifts like bleeding. The Disco Night look is indeed fun to play. Even as normal roulette´s drop you feel glad to get it.

10.- Chaotic Grenade : Another good one to depower, Iso-8 Corruption is one of the best Debuffs in game (damage, stackable and all stats reduced). You even feel embarrased for the unlucky one from the damage blast. Feels good to get one from LB´s or Deployments.

9.- Team Healing Elixir : If turn succesion is not at your favor and even on first turn your team is very damaged, this Elixir gives hope by healing 30% of Health for the entire team, every round is refreshing. Researchable and even on Deployments is one of the best things they drop.

8.- Canopic Jar : Riddle me this: How many supplies resurrect your allies?....Answer: Just one, this one. Sometimes share by daily gifts a good Egiptian souvenir with your allies.

7.- Chrono Accelerator : Have you ever feel between the hard choice between debuff the enemy team or to smash them?? With 2 extra turns immediately you can do it. Cube users love it. Droppable from normal battles, researchable and deployments, easy to get.

6.- Holographic Hand-Link : Many heavy strategies can start with this single supply, taking the advantage by immediately takin Extra turns the entire team AND get Mirror Images(even better from past patches), you can build a good defense or finish even more than 1 enemy at time.This was first before Incursion Field, but Quantum Leap reference style is better. You are gonna appreciate every deploy or roulette that gives you this.

5.- Mystical Munition : The best to depower an enemy. Why? Maybe the dark trio of Soulfire, Dark Void and Deathfrost may explain, well just Soulfire by itself is great for speech. 

4.- Bauxite Interference Helmet: Few LB´s gave it after the Emma Frost Spec Ops and its daily roulette from that time. Potential Unleashed is one of the best Buffs in game, clearing and empowering the ally. The Extra turn feature can work as savior and Mental Shield is perfect for allies with many Inmunities, cause is very rare one with psychic inmunity nowadays.

3.- Candy Bucket : I love the design of this cute bucket, much candy in it. I could have mentioned  Marshmallow GhostsTaffy, and Candy Apple  before, cause these are very good supplies, but this little thing got them all. Get as much as you want on this Halloween season!! I mean it!!

2.- Lost Page of the Vishanti : Aww yeah, got you m8´s! Probably expecting this one from the beggining and yes it is here, at top 2 is the (indeed) "LOST" page of Vishanti. Pefect to clear debuffs and to heal generous amount of HP on your entire team!! What else you want?? Many of us have been on the situation of almost dying and the first thing we want is a perl of wisdom from Vishanti. If you see it at daily gift option, share the love and expect the same from others. Is Vishanti´s will!

1.- Gene Inoculation : For me, this is the best for 1 single reason: "Immune to Debuffs". 3 words, endless problems avoided, at least for 3 rounds(longer than you think). When you start a long battle (2 or more waves) against hard enemies/Bosses, start with this and see how far you can reach, you´ll be amazed. Researchable, cheap at store, LB´s, roulettes (any kind), deployments, damn it, even from enemies you can get this marvelous supply. One of the best at reach for anyone.

What do you think???

Very Honorific Mentions

Many supplies had helped us at the beggining and many of them are funny, cool and nice to use, but also to preserve, reminding us the valuable efforth of this fight against evil.

I don´t know what I´ve said just here are other cool supplies:

Android Hand .- Mechanical Body is one of the best Passive Buff a heroe may get. This thing gives it.

Shawarma .-  Very generous amount of HP and Stamina for 1 ally. Delicious and helpful for begginers.

Way of the Spider .- "With Great Power Comes Great Responsability". Be the Spider-man with this!!

Anniversary Cake.- Avengers Passive, I remember it even heal a bit. Emblematic supply, Coodinated Attack is always useful for offensive strategies.


Even if you Supplies are few you can get more visiting your allies. Also the daily gift dosis gives you up to 50x a day. If you got many, to sell them makes you get silver and keep cleaner your inventory, improving the time and speed while checking it.

Also for new player don´t forget that the most valuable (in any time of the game) Gifts that you can share and receive are:

Unstable Iso-8.- Always important, always easy to lose on Spec Ops, it´s the fuel to get awesome gears and special heroes on those moments.

Shield Points.- You got the chance to get 3 while visiting any ally. Without them you could not be able to level-up your heroes, to buy valuable supplies/gears at store. More important than you think.

Energy.- As in real life, without energy you can´t do anything, no battles, no level up heroes, no PVP bonus, no fun, no nothing. Try to get a bunch of it always, you´ll never be tired of it specially when you need to farm CP´s or getting components, same to get precious gear and most important, to have fun. You will always want more!!

Thanks for reading and sharing the opinions! :)

*Sorry for the vocabulary mistakes.

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