Good evening, everybody.

First time to write/edit something here, hope I am doing it right. Today, I come to you to ask few things about the recent and next Alts from AoU Avengers.

I´m not a hardcore gamer or a wallet warrior, just a free dedicated and exited player of this awesome game. As a free and not so hardcore, the lack of allies(thinking to ask for some here) and always short on Gold and CP´s, these Alts and Spec Ops have been very cool to play. Good and bad things are always in almost any event PD releases to us and the expectation for more sometimes kills us.

Comming Alts

Thats why I ask to you suggestions about: Wich Avenger should I focus on level up first for his/her coming AoU Alt???

Proudly I got all of them (Ironman-lvl14, Hulk-lvl12, Captain-lvl13, QS-lvl11, SW-lvl10, terminaThor-lvl12, teleVision-lvl11, Black Widow-lvl13 and Hawkguy-lvl11). You may say I should focus on the 13 or 12 ones and probably you are right, but some things stop me to totally focus on them: Personal E-isos. I got some of them with their respective E-iso (Hulk, Captain, QS, Thor, BlackW and Hawkeye) a reason to probably focus on them first, there´s where I start to lose myself. I also have few Personal A-iso in the case of Thor (the 2 stack of Mjolnir one), Vision (the class changing one) and SW (the unfortunate one). Some of them, under lvl13, even have already an Alt: Hulk AoU, Mistical SW and Avengers BlackWidow.

I know that, as far as we know, Alts will come through the summer, we just know about Ironman, Hulk and Captain ones, still dont know about the future abilities or passives for the other ones, but probably will be cool.

My Avengers

Hulk - AoU Alt - lvl12 - Personal E-iso.

Thor - No Alts - lvl12 - Personal E&A-isos.

Black Widow - Avengers Alt - lvl13 - Personal E-iso.

Hawkeye - No Alts - lvl11 - Personal E-iso.

Vision - No Alts - lvl11 - 2 Personal A-isos

Scarlet Witch - Chapter Mastery Alt - lvl10 - Personal A-iso.

QuickSilver - No Alts - lvl11 - Personal E-iso.

The clear first option is Hulk, lvl12, already got his Epic Hulk battle E-iso (twice... actually farming for the Ironman one ._.), but who should be next??

My target is to get them all on 13 so if I buy their Alt I would be able to stack at least 1 E-iso. Hope their Alts get very good cause for my lack of resources I´ll probably just get the best ones, IMHO.


TL;DR: So who do you recommend to get lvl13 first to highly get his/her AoU Alt?

Note: Ironman and Captain have their Hulkbuster and Steve Rogers Alts, already on lvl14 and 13, for Cap, probably will get his Generalist one(for Tankin and crazy passives), but is not a hard choice as the one I wrote before.

Thanks for reading and advices in advance. Sorry for Bad English, I´m from Washington D.C. with British parents... Just kidding, but sorry for the mistakes. Peace.

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