Hello Agents, just to pass time and to know the likes of many of you, as simple as the title says.

Wich Swords are the best ones for you in two cathegories:

1.- The best good looking.

2.- And the most useful on battle. (With other set pieces or by itself, PVE & PVP opinions).

I´ve seen very nice ones along the game, sadly I dont got them all, and specially many of the best looking get out of my range to get, f.e. Vorpal Blade, very good looking and actually a very good one for battles.

You may name 1 or 2 per category to let space for explanations. But by looking I list the next ones:

Honorific Slashing Mention(not totally swords but good slashers):

Warbringer Axe .- Beautiful work. Still see it on PVP.

Bleak Harvest .- Cause how many Scythes are on game?

Custom Katana .- On my country it´s name is Musashi´s Steel, The damage and black template on the blade make it look great.

The many I dont list and probably cause don´t recall them all now. So give me your best ones for battle and your good looking likes. If you want of course.

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