** This post is just for advice. So, for those whom still don´t know what to buy, here is a micro list of new stuff that IMO worth more atention at store, hope to help and this is not a definitive list, just advice to considerate in case you get confused, thats why this is a Wikia huh? 

For PVE everything may be useful but for PVP player all stuff must be thought twice, in anycase my recomendations apply to both . I´m just gonna mention from 2 up 3 suits class and e-isos, and recopilated by opinions from other Agents experience.

E3 Agent Suits

A.- Bruiser: Tanker/protector become more dangerous, even if these suits got not much benefits/passives, a 3rd e-iso slot makes much difference. imagine the hateful Elite guardian you face with PVP, with Sacred and  Survival training e-iso makes them harder to defeat.

B.- Tactician: Snappy service is a must here, but now Relentless is something serious on them cause he surely will take every turn at range plus if they got the PVP e-iso they become healer/buffer/debuffers with extreme prejudice, if you think you can kill them, they can use Back for More for indeed mooarr tricks.

C.- Blaster: This class has been kinda forgotten, but not for me, and with 3 e-iso slots, they became a little OP now, just to mention they got the strongest ATK stat plus the 2nd ACCU, this guys with such e-isos like Calculated or Wild can be 1HKO´ers one more time.

Empowered Iso-8

Foil Blood: You can make your Agent immune to Bleeding, but slashing reduce damage is something more useful than you think.

Foil Shock: With upcoming Electro, VM, BRB, Ororo and Scrapp PVP electric Agents can make a party, but this e-iso is their Debbie Downers.

Force Calculated: Start your first hit with the power Mjölnir as long as you have high stamina, anyway you start with almost full of it. 150% additive damage.

Force Risen: Every single target attack you or the heroe become stronger in every sense (stats), is better than Grit at least.

Inceptive Resurrection: Prepare for the rise of the undead, half HP when KOed with no debuffs, a fresh start.

Inceptive Survival: Survival Trainning is awesome for Protector, Elite Bruisers aprove.

Fatal Quickening: Extra Turn by the last breath from of your Tacticians is the motivation the survivors need for vendetta (or healing/debuffing watever you strategy is).

Fatal Purge: Even if is just for Infiltrators, you place to the weakest of your team to remove buffs from enemy team. Oh yeah, prepare for a more annoying Echantress/Pestilence strategy.

Reaper Tendency: Once again the Tactician benefits for the survivors but with a more calculated pace.

Reaper Sentiment: Not exactly for sentimentals, but follow-ups for survivors make the counter offensive a bit more agressive.

Remember something you may loose on focus: All E-isos may be stacked to Agent and Heroes, so there are lots of new combinations, dangerous and incredible that makes everything more interesting.

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