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    ** This post is just for advice. So, for those whom still don´t know what to buy, here is a micro list of new stuff that IMO worth more atention at store, hope to help and this is not a definitive list, just advice to considerate in case you get confused, thats why this is a Wikia huh? 

    For PVE everything may be useful but for PVP player all stuff must be thought twice, in anycase my recomendations apply to both . I´m just gonna mention from 2 up 3 suits class and e-isos, and recopilated by opinions from other Agents experience.

    A.- Bruiser: Tanker/protector become more dangerous, even if these suits got not much benefits/passives, a 3rd e-iso slot makes much difference. imagine the hateful Elite guardian you face with PVP, with Sacred and  …

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    Good evening, my fellow Agents.

    I bring to you this little blog about some gear you should really have or at least not to lose the chance to get them in your wish list for SantaClaus. The porpuse of this is to have a point of start for new players, a resumé for expert players and to balance the procs and cons of many gear to reach one of these list.

    There are many awesome gears in game that sometimes is hard to know which ones should I get or focus to use on certain strategies, but most of all, which ones are the best at any situation with any team or equipment?

    Here you´ll find 3 types of list, all about must have gears, a list of VIP Gears (LE, PVP, SpecOps, GoldSale, CoverTask). Best Farmable (PVE, ChallengeMode) & Re-work Gears(green-blue new o…

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    Evening, Agents. As a boring and free-time day at office, I decided to make a new entry about, IMVH&HO, the best Supplies/Gifts til moment to help new player or curious Agents to know which are the best ones around.

    In my experience, many of them had prevent great disasters and made easier some epic fights. Against the odds, a well synchronized application of these maybe give the perfect timing into a huge counter-attack and give the flip over OP foes. Even if their use is only on PVE, thinking, hypotetically, about using some of them on PVP may get us on nerves. 

    As important as gear in a battle, and even better than certain heroes skill, a Supply/Gift from our inventory may save the day and bring us the glory in battle. Here is a top 15 of …

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    Fancy Swords on M:AA

    August 6, 2015 by IronFrank

    Hello Agents, just to pass time and to know the likes of many of you, as simple as the title says.

    Wich Swords are the best ones for you in two cathegories:

    1.- The best good looking.

    2.- And the most useful on battle. (With other set pieces or by itself, PVE & PVP opinions).

    I´ve seen very nice ones along the game, sadly I dont got them all, and specially many of the best looking get out of my range to get, f.e. Vorpal Blade, very good looking and actually a very good one for battles.

    You may name 1 or 2 per category to let space for explanations. But by looking I list the next ones:

    • No mercy.- Exactly, love the handle.
    • Relenteless Rappier .- Heavy hitter.
    • Kuzuri .- To short but too beautiful, before nerf it was awesome.
    • Vampiric Sword .- Extra turns…
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  • IronFrank

    Good evening, everybody.

    First time to write/edit something here, hope I am doing it right. Today, I come to you to ask few things about the recent and next Alts from AoU Avengers.

    I´m not a hardcore gamer or a wallet warrior, just a free dedicated and exited player of this awesome game. As a free and not so hardcore, the lack of allies(thinking to ask for some here) and always short on Gold and CP´s, these Alts and Spec Ops have been very cool to play. Good and bad things are always in almost any event PD releases to us and the expectation for more sometimes kills us.

    Thats why I ask to you suggestions about: Wich Avenger should I focus on level up first for his/her coming AoU Alt???

    Proudly I got all of them (Ironman-lvl14, Hulk-lvl12, Capta…

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