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  • I was born on August 18
  • I am Male
  • Infiltninja

    Well yesterday i posted a strategy on how to obtain gold faster. but then the next day it's gone, that never happens

    Well for facebook

    I go Purhase, 

    Then earn gold, 

    Then find one a video that gives 1 gold, (disney video)

    Open in new tab 5 times then watch them all

    Then you get 5 free gold and can do that every day

    But now its GONE!

    Do people from playdom check these wikia or watever you call it. because i want to know.

    And probly the people who say they don't maybe do work for them!

    now there goes my strategy for gold ive got 30 gold from it so far because i figured it at the start of the week. if you do work for playdom tell them you lost a player

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