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  • Black Knight (Mokk)Go to Black Knight
  • Black PantherGo to Black Panther
  • Boomerang (8/18)Go to Boomerang/Hero
  • CammiGo to Cammi
  • Captain America (WWII, CSR & A:AoU)Go to Captain America
  • Constrictor (8/16)Go to Constrictor/Hero
  • Cyclops (Phoenix Five & Uncanny)Go to Cyclops
  • Doctor Doom (8/17)Go to Doctor Doom
  • Emma Frost (Phoenix Five)Go to Emma Frost
  • FantomexGo to Fantomex
  • GamoraGo to Gamora
  • Hank PymGo to Hank Pym
  • Hawkeye (Avengers & Heroic Age)Go to Hawkeye
  • Howard the Duck (8/15)Go to Howard the Duck
  • Kang (8/12)Go to Kang/Hero
  • Kate BishopGo to Kate Bishop
  • KravenGo to Kraven the Hunter
  • Lizard (8/11)Go to Lizard/Hero
  • Loki (8/19)Go to Loki/Hero
  • Magneto (8/13)Go to Magneto/Hero
  • Mr. Fantastic (Future Foundation)Go to Mr. Fantastic
  • Moonstone (8/15)Go to Moonstone/Hero
  • Red HulkGo to Red Hulk
  • RescueGo to Rescue
  • SongbirdGo to Songbird
  • Superior Spider-Man (8/19)Go to Superior Spider-Man
  • War Machine (Iron Patriot)Go to War Machine
  • Blasters
  • Amazing Spider-WomanGo to Amazing Spider-Woman
  • Baron Mordo (8/18)Go to Baron Mordo/Hero
  • Blizzard (8/21)Go to Blizzard/Hero
  • CableGo to Cable
  • CannonballGo to Cannonball
  • Crystal (in progress)Go to Crystal
  • Daimon Hellstrom (Angrir)Go to Daimon Hellstrom
  • Death Locket)Go to Death Locket/Hero
  • Dr. Strange (Modern)Go to Dr. Strange
  • Doctor VoodooGo to Doctor Voodoo
  • DominoGo to Domino
  • Electro (8/23)Go to Electro/Hero
  • Fixer (8/14)Go to Fixer/Hero
  • HavokGo to Havok
  • Human Torch (Annihilus)Go to Human Torch
  • Hybrid (8/22) (All)Go to Hybrid/Hero
  • Iron Man (Mk V, Mk 42 & A:AoU)Go to Iron Man
  • Karolina DeanGo to Karolina Dean
  • Misty KnightGo to Misty Knight
  • Ms. Marvel (Original & Captain)Go to Ms. Marvel
  • Nico MinoruGo to Nico Minoru/Hero
  • NovaGo to Nova
  • Phoenix (Phoenix Five & White Crown)Go to Phoenix
  • Richard RiderGo to Richard Rider
  • Rocket RaccoonGo to Rocket Raccoon
  • Shocker (8/11)Go to Shocker/Hero
  • Scarlet Witch (Transian)Go to Scarlet Witch
  • Storm (Classic)Go to Storm
  • SunfireGo to Sunfire
  • Thane (8/18)Go to Thane
  • VisionGo to Vision
  • Bruisers
  • Anti-VenomGo to Anti-Venom
  • AresGo to Ares
  • Beta Ray BillGo to Beta Ray Bill
  • BishopGo to Bishop
  • Captain BritainGo to Captain Britain
  • Colossus (Phoenix Five)Go to Colossus
  • GorgonGo to Gorgon
  • GrootGo to Groot
  • HeimdallGo to Heimdall
  • HerculesGo to Hercules
  • Hulk(Grey & A:AoU)Go to Hulk
  • Hyperion (7/9)Go to Hyperion
  • Iceman (Horseman of Death)Go to Iceman
  • Juggernaut (8/21)Go to Juggernaut/Hero
  • Molly HayesGo to Molly Hayes
  • Ronan Portrait Art.png Ronan (8/18)Go to Ronan/Hero
  • Sandman (8/17)Go to Sandman/Hero
  • She-Hulk (Skirn)Go to She-Hulk
  • Thing (Future Foundation)Go to Thing
  • Thor (Mighty)Go to Thor
  • ThundraGo to Thundra
  • ValkyrieGo to Valkyrie
  • VolstaggGo to Volstagg
  • Wonder ManGo to Wonder Man
  • X-23 (Horseman of War)Go to X-23
  • Scrappers
  • Avalanche (8/20)Go to Avalanche/Hero
  • BladeGo to Blade
  • Chase SteinGo to Chase Stein
  • Daredevil (Original & MWF)Go to Daredevil
  • Deadpool (X-Force)Go to Deadpool
  • DraxGo to Drax
  • Ghost Rider (Greithoth)Go to Ghost Rider
  • HogunGo to Hogun
  • Iron Fist (Heroic Age)Go to Iron Fist
  • Ka-ZarGo to Ka-Zar
  • KarnakGo to Karnak
  • Knight AmericaGo to Knight America
  • Luke Cage (Nul)Go to Luke Cage
  • Magik (Phoenix Five)Go to Magik
  • MantisGo to Mantis
  • Omega Sentinel (8/22)Go to Omega Sentinel/Hero
  • QuickSilver (Blue Costume)Go to Quicksilver
  • Sabretooth (8/20)Go to Sabretooth/Hero
  • ShatterstarGo to Shatterstar
  • SifGo to Sif
  • Spider-Woman (Kuurth)Go to Spider-Woman
  • SpitfireGo to Spitfire
  • Squirrel_GirlGo to Squirrel_Girl
  • ThorGo to Thor (Jane Foster)
  • Union JackGo to Union Jack
  • Wolverine (Brown & Tan)Go to Wolverine
  • Infiltrators
  • A-BombGo to A-Bomb
  • Agent VenomGo to Agent Venom
  • Ant-ManGo to Ant-Man
  • BeetleGo to Beetle
  • Black Cat (Claws)Go to Black Cat
  • Black Widow (Avenger & Grey Suit)Go to Black Widow
  • Cloak and DaggerGo to Cloak and Dagger
  • Elektra (8/20)Go to Elektra/Hero
  • Enchantress (7/16)Go to Enchantress/Hero
  • FalconGo to Falcon
  • FandralGo to Fandral
  • GambitGo to Gambit
  • Invisible Woman (Future Foundation)Go to Invisible Woman
  • Kitty PrydeGo to Kitty Pryde
  • MedusaGo to Medusa
  • MoondragonGo to Moondragon/Hero
  • Morbius (in progress)Go to Morbius
  • Nightcrawler (Swashbuckler)Go to Nightcrawler
  • Psylocke (X-Force)Go to Psylocke
  • Satana (8/12)Go to Satana/Hero
  • ShannaGo to Shanna
  • Spider-Man (Future Foundation)Go to Spider-Man
  • SpiralGo to Spiral
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (in progress)Go to Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Star-lord (Modern)Go to Star-Lord
  • TigraGo to Tigra
  • WaspGo to Wasp
  • Winter Soldier (8/22)Go to Winter Soldier/Hero
  • Generalists
  • Angel (Archangel)Go to Angel
  • Beast (Horseman of Pestilence)Go to Beast
  • Blue MarvelGo to Blue Marvel
  • Colleen WingGo to Colleen Wing
  • Faiza HussainGo to Faiza Hussain
  • Destroyer (8/17)Go to Destroyer/Hero
  • Mockingbird (Nerkkod)Go to Mockingbird
  • PunisherGo to Punisher
  • Red She-HulkGo to Red She-Hulk
  • Rogue (Horseman of Famine)Go to Rogue
  • Taskmaster (8/14)Go to Taskmaster/Hero


TACTICIAN Blackagar Boltagon Black Bolt Celestial Messiah.
Dane Whitman Black Knight -
T'Challa Black Panther King of the Dead, Man Without Fear, Black Leopard.
Frederick Myers Boomerang Fred Myers, Fred Slade, Outback.
Camille Benally Cammi Benally "Cammi", Cammihawk.
Steven Rogers Captain America Nomad, the Captain, Sentinel of Liberty, the Living Legend, the Super-Soldier, the Man Without a Country, Lord of the Frozen Ice, "Winghead", "Shieldslinger".
Frank Payne Constrictor Frank Schlichting.
Scott Summers Cyclops Scotty, Slim, Fearless Leader.
Victor von Doom Doctor Doom Rabum Alal, the Great Destroyer, The Master, Invincible Man.
Emma Frost Emma Frost White Queen.
Charlie Cluster-7 Fantomex Jean-Phillipe, Weapon XIII.
Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan Gamora Green Assassin Lady, Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe, Bambi Long.
Henry Jonathan Pym Hank Pym "Hank", Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, Wasp, Earth's Scientist Supreme.
Clinton Francis Barton Hawkeye "Clint", Ronin, Goliath, Hawkeye the Marksman.
Howard Howard the Duck Howard the Human, Iron Duck, Pondhopper, Shang-Op, Cheap Ducktective, Duckboy, Dark Mallard of the Night, Duck Man of Cleveland.
Nathaniel Richards Kang Whisperer, Pharaoh Rama-Tut, Blue Totem, King of Kings, Lord of the Seven Suns.
Katherine Elizabeth Bishop Kate Bishop Hawkingbird, Mockingbird, Weapon Woman, Taskmistress, Knightress, Hawkette, Lady Hawkman, Lady Hawkeye
Sergei Nikolaevich Kravinoff Kraven the Hunter Kraven the Hunter, Sergei Kravin, The Spider, Scarlet Spider.
Curtis Connors Lizard "Curt", Doctor Curt Connors.
Loki Laufeyson Loki God of Mischief, God of Evil, Prince of Evil, the Son of Secrets, the Maker of Mischief, the Lord of all Liars, Tso Zhung, the Trickster of Asgard, Ikol.
Max Eisenhardt Magneto Master of Magnetism, Erik Lehnsherr, Prisoner #214782 (24005), Magnus, White King.
Karla Sofen Moonstone Meteorite, Ms. , Captain .
Reed Richards Mr. Fantastic "Stretch", Universal Builder, Big Brain.
Daisy Johnson Quake Cory Sutter, Director Johnson, Skye.
Thaddeus E. Ross Red Hulk "Thunderbolt", Rulk.
Virginia Potts Hogan Rescue "Pepper"
Otto Gunther Octavius Superior Spider-Man Spider-Man, Superior Venom, Doctor Octopus, Doc Ock, The Master Planner, Master Programmer
James Rupert Rhodes War Machine "Rhodey", Iron Patriot, Iron Man 2.0.
BLASTER Adam Warlock Adam Warlock Warlock, Him, Golden Gladiator, Master of all Souls, Adam Magus, Magus, Subject X-31, Avatar of Life, Ultimate Avenger, God Slayer, Demon, Avenging Hand of Light.
May Parker Amazing Spider-Woman Mayday Parker, Spider-Girl; Spidey, Mayday, Araña.
Karl Amadeus Mordo Baron Mordo -
Donald Gill Blizzard Blizz, Prisoner #1307967.
Nathan Christopher Charles Summers Cable Soldier X, Stryfe, Chosen One, The Savior.
Samuel Zachery Guthrie Cannonball "Sam", Samsun Guthry.
Crystalia Amaquelin Crystal Elementelle.
Daimon Hellstrom Daimon Hellstrom Son of Satan, Antichrist, Black Halo.
Rebecca Ryker Death Locket Becca, Deathlok-ette, Deathlok, Deathlok-Girl.
Henry Hayes Deathlok Mustang
Stephen Vincent Strange Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme, Master of the Mystic Arts, Master of Black Magic.
Jericho Drumm Doctor Voodoo Brother Voodoo, Houngan Supreme, Lord of the Loa, He-Who-Has-Died-Twice, Sorcerer Supreme.
Neena Thurman Domino Dom, Samantha Wu, Tamara Winter, Jessica Marie Costello, Luisa Mendoza, Beatrice, Christina Elizabeth Alioso.
Elsa Bloodstone Elsa Bloodstone Bloodstone.
Maxwell Dillon Electro "Max".
Paul Norbert Ebersol Fixer Bert, Techno, Ogre, Mister Fix
Alexander Summers Havok Magistrate Summers, Goblin Prince, Tron.
Jonathan Lowell Spencer Storm Human Torch "Johnny", Matchstick, Hothead.
Scott Washington Hybrid Guardsman Number Six, Terror of Brooklyn.
Anthony Edward Stark Iron Man "Tony", Golden Avenger, Armored Avenger, Tin Man.
Karolina Dean Karolina Dean Lucy in the Sky, K, LSD, Kar, 'Lina
Mercedes Knight Misty Knight "Misty", Maya Corday.
Carol Susan Jane Danvers Ms. Binary, Warbird, Ace, Captain .
Nico Minoru Nico Minoru Sister Grimm.
Sam Alexander Nova Darth Nova, Alexander-the-not-so-great, Bilbo, Black Nova, Human Rocket, Kid Nova, Xandarian Pawn
Jean Grey-Summers Phoenix Girl, White Phoenix of the Crown.
Rocket Raccoon Rocket Raccoon Sharpshooting Space Raccoon, Rocky Raccoon, Ranger Rocket.
Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch Gypsy Witch, Wanda Magnus.
Herman Schultz Shocker -
Melissa Joan Gold Songbird Mel, Screaming Mimi, Mimi Schwartz, Margie Green.
Ororo Munroe Storm Goddess, Mistress of the Elements, Weather Witch, Ororo Iqadi T'Challa.
Shiro Yoshida Sunfire Famine, Taiyo Kaji, Japan's Ichiban son.
Thane Thane Thanos' son, Healer
Vision Vision Victor Shade, Alex Lipton, Human Torch, Jim Hammond
BRUISER Edward Charles Allan Brock Anti-Venom Eddie, Sister Edwina, Venom, Lethal Protector, Toxin, White Venom.
Ares Ares Mister Talon, Mars, Warhawk, John Aaron.
Beta Ray Bill Beta Ray Bill Beta Ray Thor, Simon Walters.
Lucas Bishop Bishop Archbishop, Bish.
Brian Braddock Captain Britain Britannic, Black Bishop, King of Otherworld, Merlinson
Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin Colossus "Peter", Juggernaut, The Proletarian.
Unknown Gorgon -.
Groot Groot The Monster from Planet X.
Rig-Heimdall Heimdall The Faithful, the Immovable, the Eternal Vigilant, the All-seeing, the All-hearing, Donald Velez.
Hercules Hercules "Herc", The Lion of Olympus, Prince of Power.
Robert Bruce Banner Hulk Worldbreaker, Green Goliath, Nul: Breaker of Worlds
Marcus Milton Hyperion Sun-God, Caretaker, Father, Hype, The Sun.
Robert Louis Drake Iceman Bobby Drake, Rampage, Drake Roberts, Mr. Friese, Frosty, Frozen One, Iceface.
Jessica Campbell Jones Cage Jessica Jones Knightress, Madeline, Jewel, Power Woman.
Cain Marko Juggernaut Kuurth: Breaker of Stone
Molly Hayes Molly Hayes Mol, Princess Powerful, Bruiser.
Phyla-Vell Phyla-Vell Martyr, Captain , Quasar.
Richard Rider Richard Rider Bucket-Head, Human Rocket, Kid Nova, Nova, Nova Prime, Quasar.
Ronan Ronan Ronan the Accuser, Ronan the Free, Ronan the Accused.
William Baker Sandman Flint Marko, Sylvester Mann, Quarryman, William Marko.
Jennifer Susan Walters She-Hulk "Jen", Jade Giantess
Anya Sofía Corazón Spider-Girl Araña, Spider-Girl.
Gwendolyne Stacy Spider-Gwen Spider-Woman, Gwen Stacy.
Benjamin Jacob Grimm Thing "Benjy", Angrir: Breaker of Souls,
Thor Odinson Thor Lord of Asgard, God of Thunder, The Mighty Thor, Son of Asgard.
Thundra Thundra -
Brunnhilde Valkyrie "Val"
Volstagg Volstagg Volstagg the Valiant, Volstagg the Enormous, Volstagg the Voluminous, Volstagg the Wise, Rolf Mueller, Vincent Starwit, the Gargantuan Gourmet.
Simon Williams Wonder Man "Wondie".
Laura Kinney X-23 Yoda of Killers, Laura Logan/Howlett, Trudy.
SCRAPPER Aldrif Odinsdottir Angela Aldrif Odinspawn, Hunt-Leader, Wingless One, Hunter of the Heavens.
Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis Avalanche Dominic Janos Petros, Dom, Petros, Jon Bloom, Dominic Szilard.
Eric Brooks Blade Daywalker, Subject AA1, Switchblade, Blade: The Vampire Hunter, Spider Hero, Ronin.
Chase Stein Chase Stein Chasehawk, Darkhawk, Talkback, Neo.
Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen Cloak and Dagger Demon of Darkness and Lady Light.
Matthew Michael Murdock Daredevil The Man Without Fear, DD, Hornhead
Wade Winston Wilson Deadpool Merc with a Mouth, Wildcard, Evil Evil Man, Regenerating degenerate, Chiyonosake.
Arthur Sampson Douglas Drax Drax The Destroyer, Art Douglas
Johnathon Blaze Ghost Rider "Johnny".
Patricia Walker Hellcat "Patsy", Patricia Baxter, Patricia Hellstrom.
Hogun Hogun Hogun the Grim, Leo Kincaid.
Daniel Thomas Rand-K'ai Iron Fist "Danny", Living Weapon, Kung Fu Killer.
Lord Kevin Reginald Plunder Ka-Zar Lord of the Hidden Jungle, Ka-Zar the Savage.
Kamala Khan Kamala Khan Ms. , Captain , "Bendy Girl", "Giant Girl".
Unknown Karnak The Shatterer
Luke Cage Luke Cage Power-Man, Hero for Hire, Street Superhero
Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina Magik Darkchild, "Little Snowflake", Lightchylde.
Unknown Mantis Celestial Madonna, Willow, Lorelei, Mandy Celestine, This One.
Karima Shapandar Omega Sentinel Arkea, X-Girl, Cybergirl.
Pietro Maximoff Quicksilver Magnus son.
Victor Creed Sabretooth Slasher, El Tigre, Der Schlächter, Murder Lord of the Eastern Hemisphere, Graydon Creed Sr.
Gaveedra Seven Shatterstar "Shatty-buns", Gaveedra 7, Star Face.
Sif Sif Lady Sif, the Dark-Haired Daughter of Asgard.
Jessica Miriam Drew Spider-Woman Webs & Webby, Arachne, Jessie
Miguel O'Hara Spider-Man 2099 Spider-Man, Michael "Mike" O'Mara, S-Man, Harbinger of Thor, Spidey, The Spider, Web-head, Blue Symbiote, Future-Me, Spider Freak.
Lady Jacqueline Falsworth Crichton Spitfire Jackie.
Doreen Green Squirrel Girl Rodent, The Anti-Life, The Slayer of All That Breathes.
Jane Foster Thor Jane Kincaid, Goddess of Thunder, The Mighty Thor.
James Montgomery Falsworth Union Jack Lord James Montgomery Falsworth
James Howlett Wolverine Logan, Weapon X, Patch, Death, Wolvie, Patient Zero.
INFILTRATOR Richard Milhouse Jones A-Bomb Rick Jones, Bucky, the Hulk.
Eugene Thompson Agent Venom Flash Thompson, Venom, Codename: 4563, Spider-Man, Hobgoblin.
Scott Edward Harris Lang Ant-Man Myrmidon.
Janice Lincoln Beetle Lady beetle.
Felicia Hardy Black Cat Felicity Harmon.
Natalia Alianovna Romanova (Shostakova) Black Widow "Nat"", " Tasha", Madame Natasha.
Elektra Natchios Elektra -
Amora Enchantress Amora Incantare, Amora Lorelei, The Valkyrie, Freya.
Samuel Thomas Wilson Falcon "Snap" Wilson, Sam Wilson, Blackbird, Blackwing, Brother Superhero.
Fandral Fandral Fandral the Dashing, Trevor Newly, Freddie Moyer.
Remy Etienne LeBeau Gambit Le Diable Blanc, Death, Cajun, Swamp Rat, Robert Lord.
Susan Storm Richards Invisible Woman Susie, Invisible Girl, Malice, Baroness von Doom.
Katherine Anne Pryde Kitty Pryde "Kitty", Katya, Shadowcat.
Unknown Knight America -
Medusalith Amaquelin-Boltagon Medusa Madame Medusa
Heather Douglas Moondragon Madame MacEvil, H. D. Steckley, Priestess Selene, The Psychic Avenger.
Michael Morbius Morbius Morbius the Living Vampire, Doctor Morgan Michaels.
Kurt Wagner Nightcrawler Fuzzy Elf, The Flying Fiend, The Magnificent Monster, The Daredevil Demon.
Elizabeth Braddock Psylocke "Betsy", Lady Britain, Kwannon, Death.
Satana Hellstrom Satana Queen of Hell, The Devil's Daughter.
Shanna O'Hara Shanna Shanna O'Hara Plunder; Shanna Plunder
Peter Benjamin Parker Spider-Man Puny Parker, "Spidey", Web-head, Webslinger, Wallcrawler, Bombastic Bag-Man, Dusk, Hornet, Prodigy, Ricochet, Scarlet Spider, The Amazing Spider-Man, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, "Midtown High's Only Professional Wallflower".
Rita Wayword Spiral Ricochet Rita, Agent, Apocalypse, The Diva of Downtown Los Angeles.
Peter Jason Quill Star-Lord -
Greer Grant Nelson Tigra Werecat, Greer Garson.
Miles Morales Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man, Sr. Miles
Victor Mancha Victor Mancha Vic, Junior.
Janet van Dyne Wasp "Jan", the Winsome Wasp, Doctor Spectrum, Pixie.
James Buchanan Barnes Winter Soldier "Bucky", Bucky Barnes, Captain America, The Man in the Wall, Canary.
GENERALIST Warren Kenneth Worthington III Angel Archangel,Dark Angel, Apocalypse, Death, Avenging Angel
Henry Phillip McCoy Beast "Hank", Mutant Genius, Hanko, Magilla Gorilla.
Adam Bernard Brashear Blue Magnificent Master of Might, the Man of Marvels, the Blue Bomber of Battle.
Colleen Wing Colleen Wing Carol Speed, Lady Samurai.
Destroyer Destroyer The Indestructible Destroyer, The Asgardian Destroyer.
Faiza Hussain Faiza Hussain Excalibur.
Barbara Morse Mockingbird "Bobbi", Barbara Morse-Barton, Agent 19, Huntress, Bobbi Van Dyne.
Marc Spector Moon Knight Fist of Khonshu, Crescent Crusader, Lunar Legionnaire.
Frank Castle Punisher Franken-Castle.
Elizabeth Ross Talbot Banner Red She-Hulk "Betty", Harpy, Mr. Blue, She-Hulk, Agent S3, Betsy Danner, Miss Curtis.
Anna Marie Rogue Dr. Kelloggs, Ace, Scarlett O'Hara
Cindy Moon Silk Spider-Bride, The Spinner at The Center of The Web, The Spectacular Spinning Jenny, Second-rate Spider-Girl, The Bride, Second Bitten, The Unseen Silken Thread, Analog.
Peter Parker Spider-Man Noir The Spider-Man, Wall Crawler, Bug-Head, Spider-Guy, Insect-Guy, Wall Crawlin Do-Gooder, Turtleneck, Bogart.
Tony Masters Taskmaster Tasky, Barney Toastmaster, Captain America, Minister of Defense.
Ava Ayala White Tiger -







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