So here I am, hovering around the top 10,000/.3%/1700 rating/Adamantium. Not bad, I'm thinking about writing up my strategy because it's pretty much the complete opposite of what PKB goes by. Higher than last season when I maxed out at the low end of Vibranium but ended up 35,000/1340 rating/Diamond. Both times I had been pretty confident in how I would finish, actually this season I know Adamantium is unobtainable because I have a job now (woe is me) and will not be able to maintain the high ranking, the goal will be to go to with with Adamantium and hope I can survive Vibranium.

This is where the game really pisses me off, the same thing happened to me last season. I'm here winning about 90% of battles that I start and about 60% overall (my AFK has been exponentially better than before, I've been coming back to POSITIVE movement!). I've been taking down opponents whose attack rating is 200 points higher...whose HP is 2000 points higher...whose offense bonus is 25,000 points higher, pretty easily.

But as soon as 24 hours hits, this is what my battle history looks like

As I write this,I have dropped two more battles! Yesterday I had multiple pages of battle reports where I won 10+ in a row, but as soon as that countdown clock hit 23:59:59... has hit the fan. I'm close to dropping below (raising above?) 1%, I'm growing tiresome of farming and would love to win Cable instead of waiting over a month and working hard for him, even though a month from now I'll probably be preparing for Spec Ops 6 and farming CPs for those heroes.

And now I think that Blade of the Corrupter would have/will be useful, but I don't have anywhere close to 64 Gold. I think this game's fun is wearing off for me and anymore it's more of a panic/compulsion to try and get the limited edition heroes because this game relies so much on you being good at all aspects in order to become good at one portion of it (I feel like there's a word for this) hard at PVP, get bonuses, uses bonuses on recruiting heroes, recruit heroes to complete Spec Ops, use Spec Ops to get better at PVP, work hard at PVP...

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