Day one:

Well being (un/under)employed has its perks. I got to log on to MAA today at about 2PM EST and see that Spec Ops 4 was out and started to create pages and work on completing others. Too bad I left all of my passion for coding webpages in my 12 year old self over a decade ago. When I first started playing I had no U-Isos and was pissed because I used my daily gifts on Energy, but luckily Playdom supplies you with 440 to start (why such an odd number? [odd as in peculiar, the number itself is quite even]). Must have had a lot of bugs or bogged down by the players becase the game has been offline for about an hour.

I've completed Task one, which unfortunately must be completed in Spec Ops, and not outside of it. Be smart with your U-Isos! I'm usually playing like an idiot, now that this is my third Spec Ops mission, I better know how to do things right.

I'm taking a little break for now, MAA tends to be buggy and need game refreshes when new stuff is released and I don't want to lose any U-Iso (I think I may have lost 10 already).

Day two:

Daily bonus: Grim Visage (leaving right where I left off in Spec Ops 3 of high PVP bonus supplies...oh well, I'm encountering level 100 and another PVP Armory Page)

Well all the maintenance crap has mucked up the usual order of things! I timidly completed Tasks Two through Five. Had already defeated one demon for Task Two so I had to do a difficult battle which had two demons, beat them. Task Three was to beat a mini-boss, with The Hood already defeated I beat Jack O Lantern. No big deal for Ghost Rider and my Tac Agent. The boss wasn't revealed so I had to battle Subcintctus. She is a 1 Hit KO machine when she has Hell Hath no Fury up. USE DEBUFFS OR STEALTHY MOVES UNTIL HER 2 ROUND BUFF IS GONE!! She just about knocked out my whole team (Agent and Magik were sub-100 HP, HT dodged the attack). After Hell Hath no Fury wore off, Magik was able to attack her twice and knock her out. Santana (Boss) appeared, I took care of her no problem and I exited to map to complete Task Four. Task Five is another run through of Devil's Daughter and I was able to use Ghost Rider on the Hood in the second battle. I'm in love with Damnation Chains and Sin, I can't wait to have Ghost Rider on my team. That's where I would have been last night, unfortunately because of the maintenance issue I did this all in the morning. Task Six is research, so I'm waiting on that. Doubly sucks because I'll be Halloweening tonight (I'm thinking Thor as my costume, still don't know yet) so no computer tonight and the Ice Cream Sandwich update to my phone has nullified Flash in the web browser. Yes, I would definitely be playing this at a party on my phone if I could haha. Task Seven is collecting 10 ISO, which should be easy as pie. As soon as task 6 is done I can collect gifts, use the 50 free ISO Playdom is giving away, or dropping 1 gold on it. After that I'll finish Devil's Daughter again to try and score the points needed to Three Star the mission so I won't have to run through it again since Task Eight will require going and playing The Hoary Hosts mission to defeat Mindless Ones. (OK I couldn't wait and claimed the 50 free ISO and 40 of my 50 ISO gifts, in case I can finish that tonight)

Remaining Red ISO: 356

While I wait for the research to finish, I'll finish Five Starring Chapter Seven for the CP. I'll need it (or Gold to skip) the epic boss mission because I have ZERO of those heroes right now. And running flight deck missions for the silver. I got way backed up after Spec Ops 3 with heroes I couldn't afford to train, lots of wasted XP.  

Day Three

Daily Bonus: 20 ISO....that's a first! So every costume place was out of Thor so my Halloween night was ruined!! Task Six finished, I collected my 50 ISO from gifts to complete Task Seven. I need to get some Pumpkin Bombs for Task Thirteen. It took me three fights to complete Task Eight, no big deal, just beating Mindless Ones. Task Nine was to beat Moonstone, again, no big deal. This is where I feel like I might have messed up or something, but maybe not. Since Dr. Strange is the team up hero for Baron Mordo, Task Ten meant I had to finish The Hoary Hosts mission and go back to play Devil's Daughter. Oh well, gotta Three Star that mission anyway. Used Penance Stare on The Hood, no big deal and then I started the Soulfinder research for Task Eleven. I figured out what I did wrong, unfortunately Ghost Rider is only a team-up for Moonstone!! AFTER YOU BEAT THE HOARY HOSTS, RUN THE MISSION AGAIN TO BE EFFICIENT. When I saw that Dr. Strange was the Boss Team Up, I completely forgot that Ghost Rider was the Team Up for JUST the Moonstone mission. Lots of busy work today, and a 24 hour wait on the research. I five starred Mission 7.4 for 5 CP and bought Hercules and Quicksilver. This leaves me with 28 CP to recruit Gambit and Daredevil and 10 Gold, either way I'm well short of completing Mission 24.Task Twelve and Task Thirteen will be done with relative ease, but I'll have a long wait because I still have 19 hours until the research is done. Also, someone keeps editing the Tasks page to say that Task Fourteenis to beat 6 Mindles (yes, mispelled Mindless) Ones, when it's defeat Baron Mordo. That's gonna hurt since I'm two fights in to Devil's Daughter. Welp, PVP is working again and I need CP to farm, so I've got something to do!

Remaining Red: U-ISO 183 (Uh oh, that's way too low)

Day Four

Daily Bonus: 20xU-ISO...two days in a row? Wow!!

Today was a whole crap ton of fail, so learn what NOT to do from me! Finished Researching Task Eleven, collecte my deploys that I sent out to finish Task Twelve. I tried using the Pumpkin Bombs for Task Thirteen all in one match...against a hard Spec Ops...with Hercules and Quick Silver...twice. I want to go back in time two hours to slap myself. Oh it gets even better! I fought Satana and Jack O'Lantern and exited the map only to see that I was 17,000 points away from Three Starring the that's another run of that mission I'll have to do! UGH! Oh well, this mission will take me a lot longer than Spec Ops 3 did so I'm ready for it! I Two-Birded Baron Mordo in The Hoary Hosts to earn a 418,000 cumulative score which knocked out Task Fourteen and Task Fifteen. I was scared because this left me with 131 U-ISO, cutting it short for Task Sixteen(Researching Sin Flayer), but luckily it cost 120 U-ISO and I was able to start the research. That would have set me back about 12 hours if I didn't have enough! So at least I'll have 100 ISO gifted to me that I'll have to work with. The upcoming tasks will be easy enough, just have to be smart(er) about it. Also, I have 19 Infernal Fangs. They drop fairly common, so that's good! Finally for today, I complete one or two more runs of 7.3 to pick up some more CP. Will finish it again right now to Five Star it and have at least 50 CP. This will give me enough for Daredevil (or I'll wait for Gambit). I'm up to Level 98, and will probably reach the top 1% in PvP. I was able to get up to 2% today and saw that Season One has been extended to Monday and I have about 75 Challenge Points saved up. Recruiting Quicksilver and Hercules has really helped out my PvP bonus and in two more levels I can get another Armory Page!

Remaining Red U-ISO: 11  

Day Five

Daily Bonus: Skull Protector...which might come in handy for the Epic Boss fight, which I'm hearing is tough.

Not much to talk about, just hit 24 hours remaining on the Task Sixteenresearch. I finished five starring 6.5 and will do the same to 7.5 when my energy fills up. That'll take me to at least 67 CP and 11 Gold, which could be 89 CP if I wanted to just buy it, which would pretty much give me Gambit, leaving the only thing between me and Ghostrider is Daredevil, U-ISO and time. Played PvP, nothing really to report because I'm just keeping my rating around 5% which drops a good bit over night for my final push on Monday for under 1%.

Tomorrow's strategy will be to wait (ugh...waiting!?!) to finish the research. Claim the Distress Calls for Task Seventeen, for Task Eighteen I will follow PKB's strategy to mine for Infernal Fangs (combo of Quicksilver, who if he helps me with this will double his worth in recruiting him, War Machine, using Perforator and Zealous, all on mission 6.6 which I can then five star). Finally I can start Mission Three, Signed in Blood. Try to get to Satana ASAP for Task Nineteen and not face too many Nefaralae who are needed to explode for Task Twenty. If I finish Mission Three without this task done, I will be very mad and this will probably use up all of my U-ISO for tomorrow. I'll include my strategy for the remainding tasks because why not. Task Twenty-One (or is it Twenty One? Or should I have switched to numbers when I hit ten?) is equipping Sign- Post. Easy. Task Twenty-Two is using Ghostrider's Burn Out attack, which has a 3 round cool down. I'll either have to re-run Mission One or Mission Three because there will be enough team-ups with him to use, since there is only one team up fight in Mission Two. I think the best way to do this will be to use a Mini-Boss for one and the Boss for the remaining two. Task Twenty-Three is winning a PvP battle. Easy. Task Twenty-Four is beating the Epic Boss in Mission Two and Task Twenty Five is three starring all three missions. Like I said before, I need Daredevil, U-ISO, time...and I guess beating the Epic is his name? Dormammu?...Sounds like a child warning his grandmother about to walk in to a door..."Door, Mamu!"

Remaining Red U-ISO: 69 Teeheehee

Day Six

Daily Bonus: Grim Visage

Very uneventful day. I was bored and took my PvP up to 2% and waited for Task Sixteen to finish. As soon as it was over I claimed the Distress Calls for Task Seventeen. Task Eighteen was a bitch. I had loaded up on Infernal Fangs (30+) but as soon as Task Eighteen was unlocked it seemed like I couldn't get one. I spammed Quicksilver, Human Torch, and Perforators to no avail. Then I switched out HT for Luke Cage who, for some reason, Ground Pounded the teeth out of Hydra's skull (I am five starring mission 5.6). I hit Level 100, used all that energy can go some more Infernal Fangs with Luke Cage and started my research on PvP Expansion Page III

Remaining Red U-ISO: 133

Day Seven

Daily Bonus: Grim Visage

Woke up and Ground Pounded some more teeth to finish Task Eighteen and updated my Deploy Jets. Satana was the very first fight in Signed in Blood, beat her to finish Task Nineteen. For Task Twenty, I was worried about this because people were having troubles with making the Nefaralae (screw these demons and their names btw) explode. The trick is to avoid all debuffs possible. I used War Machine, Invisible Woman and only my Golden Screaming Eagle and had no problem with this task. Task Twenty-One involved equipping Signpost, which was the reward for the previous task. I didn't even have to use it in battle. Task Twenty-Two was to use Ghostrider's Burn Out three times. This was another easy one. I got it twice in the Mini-Boss battle with Baron Mordo and then again against Mephisto. Unfortunately I was an idiot and forgot to unequip Signpost and failed to equip Sinflayer and Soulfinder so I got whooped on. Mephisto is tricky (he's the prince of lies!), so not having the added counter-attacks and Sin applications hurt. I made it to the second wave with just Human Torch remaining but I couldn't finish him off. Restarted the battle with the same heroes and right equipment and I sliced through Mephisto. Then promptly won a PvP battle to finish Task Twenty-Three. I'm currently setting on 75 CP and 13 Gold. Not sure if I want to trade it in and buy Gambit now or CP farm. I think that I'm going to exit the Mission Three map and finish three starring Mission One. That'll give me 106,000 points for Mission Three. I need about 17,000 more points on Mission One to three star it, the Epic Boss run on Mission Two will give me three stars on that and if I can Three Bird Mission Three, I think I can get that done in one or two more runs. So now that lame/boring part begins...farming for CP, collecting 50 U-ISO a day from friends, and just grinding out three weeks worth of missions.

Remaining Red U-ISO: 7

Day Eight

Daily Bonus: Grim Visage

Two Three runs through 4.4...NO CP. RAWRHGHGHGHGH. Stuck at 81.

Um, not much to add! Just have been running 4.4 trying to farm CP, the ratios are not working in my favor (DAMN YOU GAMBLER'S FALLACY!). Finished three starring Devil's Daughter. Trying to three bird Signed in Blood but looks like I only have Satana on the map so I'll have to fight her and then two bird it. That's gonna suck, Baron Mordo and Mephisto are just annoying to fight (phasing ability, Mephisto's always doing something squirrelly). I got bored with 4.4 and started 8.6, hoping to at least yield some better Boss drops (I've gotten a ton of Magnetic Field Generators).

My 4th Armory Page finished reseraching and I put 35 Infernal Fangs in there to boost both my offense and efense by 11,000.

Current CP is 82 and Gold is 15. I'll be getting more from PvP and leveling up, but I want to save my Gold for something epic because I have yet to have anything "epic" in this game happen to me (Magik is pretty much is it, but I'm underwhelmed with her).

Remaining Red U-ISO: 9

Day Nine

Daily Reward: 20 U-Iso

I had a weird day, let's see if I can recap. I ran another mission on 4.4 and got 11 CP...damn you laws of averages! This put me at 93 CP so I recruited Gambit. I Two Birded Signed in Blood, Mephisto used Binding Contract on Baron Mordo, restored all 11,000 HP, and then used Prince of Lies.I just need to Two Bird that mission again to get three stars. At that point I ran out of U-Iso so like I've said before...the boring part of Spec Ops begins. Currently sitting on 8 CP and 16 Gold. If I traded that in I could probably have Ghost Rider in two days. I'm going to be patient, all I need is 40 more CP. The law of averages would imply that 10 runs on 4.4 would net enough CP for Daredevil, I could make at least three runs a day, meaning that in three to four days I SHOULD have the CP to get him. Since some of my Energy will go in to three starring Mission 3, it will be closer to four or five more days. Unfortunately I won't get the PvP bonuse for Daredevil, which I could use. I'm currently sitting at 1342/2%/28,377 (so close to the top 1000! haha). I really want that Reinforced Trench! So you bet that my Day Ten entry will be baron/about PvP.

Remaining Red U-ISO: 3

Day Ten

Daily Bonuse: 20 U-Iso

I know that my blog is popular because yesterday I put "Day Eight" and no one said anything.

Spec Op Quick Tips (things I wish I knew when I first started):

  1. Special Operations - All Hallows/Tasks
  2. Unstable ISO can be very rare, depending on your allies and willingness to spend money.
    1. DO NOT DO DEPLOYS UNLESS EPIC BOSS BATTLE IS NEEDED, or, to help reveal where the final boss is. In Mission One you might want to do a Deploy to unlock Satana's location while not doing the Mini-Boss fights so that you can Two or Three Bird the mission, which adds a ton of points and also is cost effective. 2 Mini-Bosses + 1 Boss x 20 U-ISO each (ignore the order of operations for my "math") compared to 1 Boss with 2 Mini-Bosses x 20 save yourself 40 U-ISO as well as getting a 10 or 15 times score multiplier, respectively. Although I think that you'll play the mission enough times that it'll get three starred easily.
    2. Check the tasks list, they usually come in groupings such as all of the first 6 will be done in mission one while 7 is reserach or something that breaks it up. You do not want to be sitting on 205,999 points with an unused mission, only to find out that 206,000 points will get you Two Stars which just happens to be task #___. I believe the only task is Task 15 in Spec Ops 4 in which you need to Two Star the Mission. Task 25 is Three Star all the missions, but that'll happen on its own.
    3. Do the most difficult battle available. This helps unlock bosses faster, earns more points, and is a smarter value for U-ISO. Running a mission using the least possible U-ISO to farm points or for Boss Drops is a good thing.
  3. Acquire Allies! There's a page here and other websites like Playdom and Gamefaqs where people are looking for Allies. I went from 1 to over 20 just from Gamefaqs. Be a sport, send out U-ISO, Energy, and Pumpkin Grenades. This also results in you getting SHIELD Points, Silver, Energy and Challenge Points, even if they don't send you gifts. Also, you can create filters so they're Facebook friends but cannot see any of your info except for when you share bonuses.
  4. Follow others' strategies and blogs

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