aka Leinad Llehctim; Zodark, the Cybernetic

  • I live in Kaven Base, Infinity, Korbaka Nui, you name it
  • My occupation is Hellcat Squadran Leader, Team Protectorate Leader, Crogenitor, Toa of Light, you name it
  • I am Male
  • IceBite

    I REALLY think there should be a wiki, with similar templates and stuff to this main Avengers Alliance Wiki, specifically for fan-based content. This could easily allow people to make fan-made costumes for heroes. Would also allow people to take their favorite characters and make them into "playable" characters...

    Anyone else think this would be a good idea? I mean, with all the fan-based content being made, it seems like this would be a good way for people to make their fan-based ideas...

    I searched and found one such wiki, but it appears to have died out, shortly after creation. Sad, because, in my honest opinion, it IS a good idea...

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