I remember seeing some advertising from a Marvel game on Facebook last year. The Avengers movies were the hot topic, so I followed the page and waited until the game got released. So yes, I’ve been playing the game from the very beginning.

I was there for the first Spec Ops, and tried really hard to get Mockingbird, but it was a really hard goal – if not impossible. And there weren’t even PVP tournaments back then, people just played it for “fun”. I quit.

Then I started playing the game again during summer vacations (too much free time), in time for getting Emma Frost. PVP tournaments weren’t here yet, so getting gold wasn’t really easy for a crappy player like me. So I didn’t get the White Queen, I didn’t get Magik because I didn’t have a single X-Men and then I was finally able to get Ghost Rider by skipping last task with gold I got from PVP tournament.

Playing the game just for fun is really hard with these games that require a lot of strategy and have too many things going on. To prove it, I’ll share my current heroes and levels (in the order I got them):

Of course, Iron Man (11), Black Widow (12), and Hawkeye (9). My free hero was Iron Fist and I don’t regret it now that he got buffed. He’s level 12. There’s also Hulk (12), Captain America (12), Daredevil (9), Ghost Rider (12), Valkyrie (10), Havok (7), Magneto (4), Psylocke (10) and Mockingbird (2). That makes thirteen heroes. A lot, huh?

Current CPs farmed for Spec Ops: 4. My agent is level is 87. My highest rank in PVP was diamond in Season 3. I got Gold in the rest.

And that’s how bad playing just for fun is. I recommend it anyway. I don’t think getting all stressed-out because of some Facebook game with characters from comics is worth it. Playing with a lot of strategy is very cool, even parking and spending real money. The thing is, it’s fun as long as you keep it fun.

Sorry if this blog post is too long. And you may or may not have noticed Enslish is not my native language.

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