• Ibises

    We are all Marvel: Avengers Alliance addicts, why deny it? Here are some of the things that let us know that we are.

    This was MottiYazata's idea, he's just too lazy. Write your own ideas in the comments and check other people's ideas out, too!

    • You know you've been playing too much M:AA when you organize your day schedule around flight deploys. -Thanks, Shizoida.
    • You know you've been playing too much M:AA when you don't go to work/school the last day of a PVP tournament.
    • You know you've been playing too much M:AA when your whole day is full of joy because you got 50 CP/Warbringer Axe/x1000 U-Iso in a roulette.
    • You know you've been playing too much M:AA when you have nightmares about Combat Validation Errors.
    • You know you've been playing too much M:AA…
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  • Ibises

    I remember seeing some advertising from a Marvel game on Facebook last year. The Avengers movies were the hot topic, so I followed the page and waited until the game got released. So yes, I’ve been playing the game from the very beginning.

    I was there for the first Spec Ops, and tried really hard to get Mockingbird, but it was a really hard goal – if not impossible. And there weren’t even PVP tournaments back then, people just played it for “fun”. I quit.

    Then I started playing the game again during summer vacations (too much free time), in time for getting Emma Frost. PVP tournaments weren’t here yet, so getting gold wasn’t really easy for a crappy player like me. So I didn’t get the White Queen, I didn’t get Magik because I didn’t have a s…

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