Legion - Generalist


Chaotic Personalities - Changes personalities every turn, chance to change when hit

We.... Are..... Legion - Gains an extra turn if you have 3 heroes alive and enemy only has 1 or 2, can be used with Doom

Living Fatality – If hit with fatal Blow, Bifurcation, Trifurcation, Shell-Shocked, Mental Anguish or Sudden Death gains Take That – heals every turn, stacks up to 3 times

Personalisation - Changes attack, accuracy, defense, Evasion and stamina based on current personality

(Starting Personality) Bleeding Image - Deals damage to attacker when hit, high accuracy and stamina, low defense


L1: Acoustic Aggressive - Sonic Attack, Deadly Crits, Weakened,

L2: Sunny days - 50% chance for disoriented and mind Control, “The Sun Also Rises” to all allies

L6: Personal Touch - Multi-function, changes based on current personalities, For Bleeding Image:

·         I’ll Bleed for you – deals intense High Deadly Crits and 2x Internal Bleeding to opponent, bleeding to self, and 1/10th damage before critical

·         Let’s Bleed Together – “Bleed Together” – Protects allies from single and area, takes reduced damage and Any debuffs are applied to attacking enemy

·         Bleed out – Consumes bleeds on self to deal an exploits attrition area attack, consumes Internal Bleeding from self to make it a quick action

·         Imagine it – Grants epiphany and Call to Arms to all allies

L9: Sumomasen – warps Reality

Other Personalities:

·         Gomorrah – High Evasion, low Stamina, counters enemies with Salty

o   Rain of Gomorrah – area attack, 0% crit, true strike, off-balance, 40% chance to apply salty

o   Gommorean strike – Salty, salt in the eyes – 20% less accuracy, Dizzy

o   Tastes Like Chicken – Heals all allies fully, applies 25 stacks of well-fed, Staff of One

o   Goodbyeeeeeeeeeee – changes personality, quick action

·         Styx – I am the Dead = Back from the brink, basic stats

o   Outburst – Mind Control and Grounded – can be hit by ground attacks, take extra electric damage

o   I Lead – Applies Thrall to allies not Legion -  chance to protect and gains extra turn when protecting

o   My power – Subtle, 70% possessed all enemies

o   Back to Life – Switch personalities

·         Endgame – Bruiser (only class change of Legion’s) – Intense defense, less evasion – Defensable – attacks against this target can’t ignore defense. Game On – Immune to DoTs

o   End This Game – Catastrophic, Stealthy, Deadly Crits, AoE, Fatal Blow

o   My Momentum – Chance to Apply OP, Imba, Analysis: Thesis,  Overclocked, Haste, 10x Green Numbers, Heavy Metal, Bulwark, Full Metal Jacket or Lvl 16 Ranger to one Ally, has OK I will – consumes Take That to use, quick action

o   My Game – consumes 3x Take That, Stays as Endgame for 3 turns

o   Game Over – Changes Personalities

·         Time Sink – High Attaccuracy – 40% Chance to pre-emptively attack enemy with Time Sunk applying Stranded in Time and cancelling attack, 70% for stealthy attacks, 100% for Catastrophic

o   Time Sunk – Lost In Time – Character becomes a distress call and can be used as a quick action, counts as a regular turn for the opponent but controlled by the user, Stranded in Time is the same but it instead does the move that was cancelled

o   What I’ll say to Gambit in 5 minutes – Kinetic, Summon, Royal Flush attack, grants 2-4 K charges

o   Sinking in – Ok I will, Lost in Time to all enemies

o   Time’s Up – Switches personalities

·         Karami – High Accuracy and Evasion, Applies Push to AoEing enemies

o   Kamikaze – All attack, Deadly Crits

o   Shove – telekinetic – same as summon, Push – can’t do AoEs

o   Unstable background – Same as Phoenix’s rock attack

o   Nobody likes terrorists anyway – change personality

·         Cyndi – mega evasion, low defence, applies pyrophoric to attacking enemies

o    Combustion – Burning, Pyrophoric, Singed: burning on unburnable targets

o   BOOM – Nova Blast, but exploits burning and Pyrophoric

o   Candle light – Stealthy, consumes pyrophoric to follow up with candle light

o   Blown out – Change Personality

Franklin Richards: Generalist, Tattletale Uniform

Storing Gods: chance to prevent attacks and gain a stack of Stored Gods

Starts with 1 stack of stored gods

Stored Gods: chance to counter by unleashing heroes, stacks 4 times

L1: My Power: Ethereal Strike, Cower, Hobbled

L2: Open Stores: Opened Stores: chance to protect from single target and area attacks, including stealthy attacks, gains stored gods when protecting

L6: Tattletale: Probability field on enemies, quick action, 2 rounds cooled down

L9: Unleash Gods: Multi-Function - unleash attack - consumes stored gods to do, quick action, the moves are Generalist, Blaster, Bruiser, Tactician, Infiltrator, Scrapper

Fantastic Four (Teenage) Alt: Generalist or Blaster

Pet Galactus: small chance to follow up or counter with Galactus

Future Foundation Alt: Generalist or Infiltrator

Share the Future: Storing Gods: chance to prevent attacks

The Future is Now: In four turns grants huge boost to stats

Charles Xavier – Tactician

Mental Infallibility – Counters all psychic attacks

L1: Wheelchair Ram – Off-Balance, Opening: Vulnerable to Psychic attacks (works on machines and past blocks like Magneto’s and Juggernaut’s passives)

L2: Mental Devastation – Mental Anguish, Blocked: can’t do psychic attacks

L6: Mental Defense: Mind Control on all enemies

L9: Psychic Control: Possessed

Ares Shades – Tactician

War Never Changes

Brook No Insults – counters all attacks (1 turn)

Stationary Offense – When dies comes back to life three times total, as a different Shade

Maximillion – Tac

Insufferable (Moonstone’s passive)

L1: .46 – Pummeled

L2: Personal War – Targeted, Quick Action

L6: Brook No Insults, Quick Action (2 rounds)

L9: Grenade Bag: Catastrophic, single target, off-balance, fatigued, exploit opportunity and paragon

Trevor – Scrapper

Just Kills People – All allies attacks gain fatal blow

L1: Knife – Stealthy, Internal Bleeding, Ravaged

L2: Diamond in the Rough – Pyrophoric, Burning, Distraction

L6: Brook No Insults

L9: Grenade Bag

Arkady – Blaster

Spetznaz training: Pre-emptive counters all stealthy attacks

L1: Trick Shot – On Enemy: Sunk the White – Irremovable, loses next turn. All allies get Sunk the Red: extra turn next round, irremovable, unstackable

L2: Bar Brawl: Inebriated – 25% less accuracy, Glassed – Takes damage every turn, chance to miss turn

L6: Brook No Insults

L9: Grenade Bag

McGill – Generalist

Internal Monologue – Gains a random buff at the start of each round, chance to use item before attacking to all allies

Last of Us: has all of Ares Shade’s passives

L1: Unleash Ammunition – Stun

L2: Sewage: Poisoned, off-balance, dizzy, winded, slowed, Gunked Up: cannot do Quick Actions

L6: Brook not an Insult: All allies (5 rounds)

L9: Full Grenade Bag: Area attack, Catastrophic, Neutralised, off-balance, incap, burning, 2 x Internal Bleeding, Ravaged, ignore defence

Red She-Hulk – Scrapper

A Woman Scorned: Applies and triggers pyrophoric when attacked.

Hulky Chick: Gains Hulk Up when attacked, stacks 10 times

L1: ‘Sai’de Effects: Internal Bleeding, flanked, Hulk Up

L2: Stomp: Rising Up, Boon Buster, Neutralised

L6: Enrage: Raging: Gains extra Hulk Up when in combat with a Scrapper

L9: Unleash: single target, Pent Up attack: consumes 10 Hulk Ups to have: Lots of Red Boxes, A Clean Slate, Time Displacement, Heroic Feats (consumes focused to apply Super Heroic), Exploit Attrition, Opportunity, combo setup and Paragon, applies Stun and Fatal Blow

Crimson Dynamo: Blaster

L1: Shoulder Nukes: Generalised, 2 x Radiation Exposure

L2: Crimeany: Exploits British: Exploits British characters

L6: Upgraded Tech: Counters Tacticians, Follows up Infiltrators

L9: Targeting System: Targets all enemies, quick action, subtle

Demolition Man: Bruiser

Drugged Up: Applies Always Prepared to all allies

L1: Demolish: Exposed, Cornered, Staggered

L2: Quick 1-2: Haste, Combo Setup

L6: Construction: Protects, all allies gain health when D-Man protects

L9: Purge: Scroll of Angolob

Executioner: Bruiser


Axecutioner: counters everyone with 30% or less health

L1: Blade Combo: 3 x Bleeding, ravaged, combo setup

L2: Hilt Whip: Fatal Blow,  Exploits combo setup to exploit attrition, Rising Up

L6: Switch Mode: Scrapper

L9: Multi-Function: first move: Fire Axe: counters elemental attacks. Laser Axe: counters energy attacks

Scrapper moveset

L1: Combo slash: Weak points: applies slowed etc., combo setup, off-balance

L2: Halt by Hilt: Fatal Blow, consumes combo setup to exploit paragon

L6: Switch Mode: Bruiser

L9: Axe Toss: counters ranged attacks

Lockjaw - Bruiser

Teleport Heavy: Chance to teleport when any allies are attacked

Animalistic: Immune to fear and Psychic attacks

L1: Clamp: Stealthy, Finest Hour

L2: Bring in reinforcements: Brings in an Inhuman or Fantastic Four member

L6: Change of Scenery: Call to Arms, Shot to Attilan: moves all characters to Attilan (5 rounds)

L9: Teleporting about: all allies: chance to teleport away when attacked and then counter

Amadeus Cho – Tactician

Ant-Helm: chance to follow up with ant storm

Telepathic shielding: Immune to psychic attacks, Joins in on Smartest man in the room

L1: Telepathic Blast: Migraine

L2: Ant Storm: Summon, off-balance, distraction

L6: Gadget Box: Multi-Function

L9: Big Pals: Call in an Olympians, Gammas or Asgardians

Daken – Scrapper

Healing Factor: Heals a certain amount of health each turn and gets a stack of Green Numbers when attacked. Better than Deadpool’s.

L1: Claw Frenzy: Adamantium, Cornered

L2: Berserker: Come at me, Bub (3 rounds)

L6: Upperslice: Rising Up to all teams

L9: Mimarasu Blades: Catastrophic area attack, cancels out all enemy healing

Dragon Man – Blaster

Living Android – Immune to Psychic and Bio attacks

Diablian – immune to poison and bleeding

L1: Vaporize: Melt armor, burning, singed, pain

L2: Tear Apart: High Crits

L6: Drag On: Slowed, Fatigued

L9: Franklin’s Friend: Summon attack, Franklin Richards style

Jocasta – Generalist

Mechanical – Immune to Bio Attacks, poisoned and bleeding

Surge Protection: Grants Surge Proof to all allies. Surge Proof: Immune to Fried Circuits and electric attacks heal and grant Rising Up on the attacked character

Titanium alloy: Living Metal

Energy absorption: Same as Ms Marvel plus immune to radiation exposure

L1: Laser Blast: Radiation Exposure, follow up

L2: Shielding: Pre-emptive shields to all allies, can’t counter, 4 rounds, subtle

L6: Crunch: Combat Data, quick, 1 round

L9: Cybernetic Enhancement: All allies Immune to follow ups, subtle

Crystal – Blaster

Elemental Control: All allies resistant to elemental attacks and normal DOTs

Insulated Suits: Immune to energy and electric attacks.

L1: Ice Bomb: Frozen, Chilled, bleeding, coldsnap

L2: Fire Attacks: Multi-Function

L6: Earth Arsenal: Ground attack, multi-function

L9: Air and Water: Multi-Function

Bullseye – Tactician

Serial Assassin: Can’t have allied heroes, takes two turns a round.

Bullseye: Applies Targeted and Cower at start of each round.

Healing Factor: same as Wolverine’s

Public Face: gains Trickshot, chance to gain Feels Natural when an enemy is hit, guaranteed when enemy is killed

Trickshot: Chance to follow up on targeted enemies

L1: Siege Shot: Exploits Resistance: Asgardian, Living Metal, etcetera

L2: Inspiring: ally gains extra turn, morale boost, rising up.

L6: Arrow of Hate: Hated = Stare of the Abyss

L9: Grudge Shot: All, flanked, exploits protection

Feels Natural: Gains Public Face when ally is killed, gains Way of the Assassin

Way of the Assassin: Bullseye also applies Hobbled

L1: Card Pack: 54 hits, lock on, bleeding, haemorrhage, allies get strengthened, agile

L2: Knife: Exploits Hand: follows up on the hand or people who have worked for them with Rose: Intense damage

L6: Surroundings: Multi-Function: Lipstick, Rattle, Keys

L9: Pure Savagery: Deadly Crits, Fatal Blow

Beta Ray Bill: Blaster


Thunder God: Healed by energy and electric attacks.

Beating a Dead Horse: all allies heal to 10% from 0 once per match, stacks, first to activate.

L1: Squeegee Time: Pummelled

L2: Stampede: Boon Buster

L6: Inner Thunder: Call to Arms allies, dizzy on self, quick

L9: Thunderous: Catastrophic, fatal

Werewolf-by-Night: Bruiser

Savage: Berserker

Large and In Charge: Gains Lycanthropic. When health is 0 heals full and gains Russeling.

Lycanthropic: Heals every round, immune to radiation exposure.

L1: Gorge: Diseased: Poisoned, hobbled

L2: Tear Asunder: Immobilized

L6: Howl: Intimidated, cower, quick action

L9: Raging: Pressure Points

Russeling: Changes Class and moves. Gains Among Us. Chance when hit to gain Lycanthropic.

Among Us: Allies attacks are stealthy

L1: Shotgun: Paragon Exploiter

L2: Tactical Manoeuvres: Sun also rises, combat awareness, quick

L6: Backstab: Stealthy, flanked

L9: Land Mines: Tick Tick Tick (3 Rounds)

Silver Surfer: Blaster

Herald: Chance to gain health from energy, electric and elemental attacks

Surfing: Immune to ground attacks, grounded and heavy

Cosmic: Immune to Damage over Time effects

L1: Power Cosmic: Blinded, Mirror Image, Exploits Protects

L2: Surf By: stuns, exploits relentless

L6: Surf On: Heals, Power of Comics: heals to 33% once a match, immune to brutal attacks

L9: Unleash: Desperate, Catastrophic, all enemies, exploit paragon

Polaris: Blaster

Magnetic Control: all allies immune to magnetised, all allies attacks are reverse polarity

Magnetic Aura: Magnetises enemies with metal

L1: Magnetism: Stealthy, Magnetised

L2: Rubbelious: Exposed, stun

L6: Sneaking Metal: Summon, positive magnetism, bleed

L9: Starjammers: Rising up all, quick

Backup Agent: Generalist

Backup: works with everyone

Backing: Becomes counter class of 1st enemy he combats

L1: Warbrought: Warbringer to all allies, (2 rounds)

L2: Signed: same as signpost, poisoned on self

L6: Coulson Shooting: Avengers Assemble, allies, 3 rounds

L9: Slots: Multi-Function, Placeable: Place 4 pieces of tech permanently, gains passives of tech, levels up with agent

Alexander: Scrapper

Olympian: Asgardian and Unbreakable Skin combined

NEW God  of War: Chance to follow up, stacking on scrapper follow up, chance to counter, crit and ignore defense, chance to gain Enraged and Rising Up, apply generalised or gain extra turns.

L1: Grasscutter: Brutal Strike, ignore defense

L2: Grass-slicing: Desperation attack

L6: Olympic Pinnacle: All allies attacks are brutal, true strike, guaranteed strike, quick action

L9: God of War-Peace: Heals allies, nanoplague on all foes

He would also have a Phobos alt

Sentry – Tactician

Out of Sync: all debuffs last 1 round

Sentry: Immune to ground attacks, chance to prevent attacks

Ennobled: When defeats an opponent gains Open Void

L1: Pulverise: Pummelled, melt armor

L2: Fly By: Exploits Flying and combo setup

L6: Void Stare: Intimidated, cower, quick action

L9: Punch: Kree Speed, combo setup

Void – Bruiser

Open Void: Applies Ring Imperial to everyone but Sentry every round

L1: True Malevolence: everyone but Sentry attack, healed equal to 5th of damage done

L2: Outburst: Everyone else attack, dizzy, slowed, exposed

L6: Suppression: Ennobled, Quick

L9: Ravage: Drains all enemies stamina fully

Hermes: Scrapper

Speed God: 3 turns a round, counters when has Quicker


Just the Messenger: Wolverine resurrect, immune to brutal strike

L1: Quick Combos: Stealthy, Combo setup, Quicker: Increases accuracy and evasion, stacks 10

L2: Inner Speed: Grants allies extra turn

L6: Quick Attack: Quicker, Pain

L9: Unleash Speed: Consumes all stacks of Quicker to do more damage

Achilles: Tactician

Unkillable: Has 5 times normal defense, weak point attacks on Achilles ignore defence

Troy: Chance to counter with Trojan horse

L1: Crash Through: Internal bleeding

L2: Inspiration: Call to Arms, divine inspiration, morale boost all allies

L6: Berserk: Unhelpful, Fumbling

L9: Trojan Horse: Summon, Catastrophic, melt armor

Athena: Scrapper

War Never Changes


Good War: Chance to do Red Cross to an ally when they are hit

L1: Defensive Offence: Hobbled, Incapacitated

L2: Red Cross: Heals 75% of health on an ally, quick

L6: Geneva Conventional: Exploits Opportunity

L9: Lose the Battle, Win the War: Sacrifice an ally to kill an enemy, starts cooling down 3 rounds

US Agent: Bruiser


Shielding: Chance to protect

Mental Defences: Immune to Mind Control and Disoriented

L1: Smash: Vibranium, Exposed

L2: Pointy End: Paragon Exploiter

L6: Communication: an ally gets an extra turn. Quick

L9: Pistol: Union Jack’s Capital Defence

Ajax: Bruiser

Catastrophic: Attacks are guaranteed to hit and can’t be protected against

Demolish Troy: All Ajax’s attacks ignore defence

L1: Hammer Time: Pressure Points

L2: Toss: Paragon Exploiter

L6: Ground Pound: Ground attack, disadvantage

L9: Hammering: all allies attacks ignore defence (3 rounds)

Skaar: Scrapper

Dual-Wield: Skaar is a Scrapper and a Bruiser with the benefits and disadvantages of both

Hulking: Gains Hulk Up every round and when attacked

Old Power: Counters magic attacks with Old Shot

L1: Gamma Fist: Hulk Up:

L2: Old Shot: Oldver-Powered: Can’t use offensive magic abilities

L6: Slashing: Shred, Bleeding

L9: Olde Shielde: Absorbs damage, can’t be removed or prevented.

Teen Loki: Tactician

Tricksy Little Godses: Randomly dodges attacks

Adult Curse: Can only work with child heroes

L1: 7-League Kick: Stealth. Combo setup

L2: Manipulations: Mind Control, Disoriented, all attack

L6: Hacking: buggy, quick

L9: Open Cup: Constrictor-style Distress Call that can be used every 2 rounds

Onslaught: Scrapper

Reality Hacking on self

Psychic Overkill: Counters all psychic attacks

L1: Richards Warp: Opportunist

L2: Grey Psismash: Migraine, Mental Anguish

L6: Consume: Catstrophic, Absorption: absorbs 1 passive or if none all buffs

L9: Vent Rage: Boon Buster

Juston Seyfert: Tactician

Pet Sentinel: Possessed on robotic or technologically armored characters every round

Nerd: Smartest Man in the Room, Overclocked and Laptop.

L1: Sentinel: Summon, Pressure Points

L2: Shorduken: Opportunist

L6: Hack Humanity: Possessed, Bio Attack, Totally Broken

L9: Finale Smash: Exploitation: Same as DP’s: Exploits everything when Totally Broken

Falcon:  Generalist

Walk The Middle: Blaster Arcade’s passive

Falconer: Chance to counter with Redwing

Evasive Flight: Immune to grounded, heavy, ground attacks and targeting debuffs, random dodges

L1: Swoop: Off-Balance

L2: Gusts: all attack, Stealthy, dizzy

L6: Moralise: Call to Arms

L9: Redwing: Summon, Bleeding, follow up

Arkon: Tactician

Gold Bolt: Chance to summon Scarlet Witch to do Probability Field

Polemachian: Immune to bleeding, shred and fatal blow

Warlord: Chance to follow up when an ally attacks

Healing Factor: Sabretooth’s healing factor

L1: Swordsmanship: bleeding, Strengthened all allies

L2: Red Bolt: Catastrophic, Pyrophoric, burning

L6: Black Bolt: Melt Armor, Electron Harnessing (3 rounds)

L9: Kingly Presence: Intimidated, Cower, winded and weak points on all enemies

Living Laser: Blaster

Laser Bodies: Immune to electric attacks and all DoTs

Speed Of Light: Chance to dodge attacks and gain combat reflexes and apply magnetised and static charge

L1: Laser Light: Blinded, Disoriented, Speed of Light

L2: Right Hook: Radiation, combo setup, flanked

L6: Blinding Explosion: Catastrophic, Burning, pyrophoric, Rising Up

L9: Power Absorption: Grains increasing strength when attacked, debuffs moved to attackers

Typhoid Mary: Blaster

Flaming: Immune to burning and fire attacks

Dissociative Identities: personalities change when attacked by burning attacks

Blaster: Bloody Mary

Death Threat: Applies Marked for Revenge, follows up on Marked targets

L1: Rising Kick: Debuff, Incapacitation

L2: Flaming hot: Burning, singed: burns unburnable targets

L6: Personality Switch: Changes between personalities

L9: Burn in Hell: Bane, Pyrophoric, paragon exploiter

Scrapper: Typhoid Mary

Coming at you: Counters male characters

L1: The old 1-2: combo setup, marked for revenge

L2: Playing Rough: Burn, singed, exploits combo setup

L6: Personality Switch

L9: No survivors: attack on all enemies, catastrophic, deals more damage to teams with more living characters, three stacks of bleeding and ravaged

Generalist: Mutant Zero

Zero Room: Bonus turns when attacked by mutants or test subjects

L1: Telekinesis: Bleeding, ravaged, fatal blow

L2: On Fire: Burn, Singed, pyrophoric, pyrophilic: pyrophoric for singed

L6:  Personality switch

L9: Zero Shield: Shield, Immune to psychic and energy attacks

Tactician: Mary

Pacifist: can’t be hit with melee attacks

L1: Timid: Applies mind Control 80%, unarmed melee attack

L2: Drain: Drains all enemies stamina, refills allies stamina, 2 round cooldown

L6: Personality switch

L9: Encouragement: Strengthened, fortified, agile to an ally, quick

Carnage (Ultimate Gwen Stacy): Bruiser

Ultimatum: All allies single target attacks gain vampiric: healed for half damage done

L1: Devour: Starving, Weakened, strengthened on self

L2: Tendrils: Drained Energy, Cerberus Bite

L6: Transform (into Gwen): Mind Control, disoriented, quick action

L9: Clawing: Haemorrhage, bleeding x 3, ravaged

Multiple Man: Tactician

Mutliplex: Comes back to life in the style of Iceman, max 10 stacks, starts with 2

L1: Shiv: Stealthy, bleed

L2: Body Pile: Pummelled, Multiplex on self

L6: Suicide Bomb: Pyrophoric, Shrapnel: bleeding on all enemies, mirror images all allies

L9: Hide Madrox: Multiplex x 3 on self

Dormammu: Bruiser

Magic Lord: Grants all allies but Dormammu Magical Prowess: Healed by magic attacks and DoTs, immune to unique debuffs from enemies e.g. cerbrus bite, unlucky

Break into Midgard: Weak to magic attacms, can’t work with any magic users other than Doom

L1: Internal Blast: Dark Void, Soulfire, Ethereal strike

L2: Banish: Force Cage

L6: Dark Flames: fire not magic attack, chaotic effects: random DoTs

L9: Burden of Hate: All enemies get Armless: Weakened, slowed, dizzy, exposed. Moved to Dark Dimension


Next I'll upload a couple alts I made.

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