aka Its all right now.Why?Because I am here.

  • I live in UA Academia. Plus Ultra!
  • My occupation is (in character)The saikyou hero. (IRL) I work at a museum
  • I am HERE!
  • Iamthelegion


    Chaotic Personalities - Changes personalities every turn, chance to change when hit

    We.... Are..... Legion - Gains an extra turn if you have 3 heroes alive and enemy only has 1 or 2, can be used with Doom

    Living Fatality – If hit with fatal Blow, Bifurcation, Trifurcation, Shell-Shocked, Mental Anguish or Sudden Death gains Take That – heals every turn, stacks up to 3 times

    Personalisation - Changes attack, accuracy, defense, Evasion and stamina based on current personality

    (Starting Personality) Bleeding Image - Deals damage to attacker when hit, high accuracy and stamina, low defense


    L1: Acoustic Aggressive - Sonic Attack, Deadly Crits, Weakened,

    L2: Sunny days - 50% chance for disoriented and mind Control, “The Sun Also Rises…

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