78EDkjZ.png   --  "And Lo', here begins our tale of woe."


nubwNuX.png  --  "At first, people were very optimistic."


QPYPvo6.png  -- "But soon, they realized there is only DOOM."

moiCC6W.png 6fyNvQ5.png KeNT7go.png 82FIPCM.png pbeu.png 6nK4iTQ.png L8As6kr.png 8PucRT9.png b03b.png

zEkaB8M.png BFtD2Ye.png l40v.png HjQI26f.png i5xoPGf.png ifqbd9t.png  q3rfZIG.png


N92jYQe.png   -- "And to all, a good night! MUHAHAHA!"

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