I grew up with Marvel (and DC's Vertigo), and as a wee lass I had already been reading mutant books, so I have a bit of a predisposition to those characters. This list is subject to change.

  • Boom-Boom - while this character isn't too unique of a concept (she makes things blow up!), her funny, sassy, and styilsh ways make her possibly my favorite Marvel character.  Warren Ellis' take on her in NEXT WAVE makes her even more exceptional. For powers, she could have a 'blinding' power, some kind of delayed "time bomb" effect (like Fixer's mines), and then some big ol' ka-Boom level 9.  Undeniably a Blaster.
  • Warlock (or Douglock) - Yeah, I liked New Mutants up until Liefeld and his pouches got ahold of it.  This character's wild concept could go in so many directions, plus he'd be fun to look at on screen.
  • Impossible Man - This guy is screaming for a Lockbox.  He's funny and unpredictable like Deadpool--hella cartoony.
  • Husk - Unlikely to get past the censors (she rips off her skin), there are many possibiliies with this character as her body can change forms.
  • Leech - A power surpressor.  Powerful debuff, but otherwise weak. Would make an interesting chess piece. Probably an Infiltrator.
  • Hazmat - Would be awesome. Avengers Acadamy and mutant, baroness of poison DoT.
  • Silver Surfer - Belongs in the game.
  • Armor - Ultra-Tank.
  • Medusa - With Inhuman physiology, her hair is some unfathomable combo of prehensile, thin steel-like whips, shields, arms, and legs.
  • Galacta, Daughter of Galactus - Okay, I'll admit this character is mostly a joke novelty, but it'd be such a hoot to have her in the game.
  • Rocket Raccoon - Because hell yeah.
  • Madrox, The Multiple Man - This character concept could go in a lot of directions.
  • Abigail Brand - A leader of SWORD, SHIELD affiliated, with mutant powers to make weapons. Tactician for sure.
  • Elixir - would be undoubtably very popular, a total healer-type.

Collecting some lil' images for later use:

_Boom_zps40a9850a.png _Hazmat_zps2f2becb5.png _Leech_zps991e4e5f.png _Medusa_zps74a4de4a.png _Warlock_zpsf125c526.png

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