• Hypersnickety


    December 25, 2013 by Hypersnickety

      --  "And Lo', here begins our tale of woe."

      --  "At first, people were very optimistic."

      -- "But soon, they realized there is only DOOM."


       -- "And to all, a good night! MUHAHAHA!"

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  • Hypersnickety


    November 27, 2013 by Hypersnickety

    This will be an ongoing collection of quotes from players that made me laugh.

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  • Hypersnickety


    Hey people. I going to assume you're people, and not click-bots.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Marvel: Avengers Alliance! You're unique game experience will involve far more things than we could possibly include in one article, but some highlights are:

    • A broken, bottle-necked chat feed that generally feels like hanging out at the bus station.  This will be your primary means of interacting with other real humans, should you dare to.  The forums are a hot mess of petty people akin to a Youtube comments section: avoid them if you value your sanity.
    • You wanted to play heroes?  That's nice, dear. You will also be required to constantly play some derpy SHIELD agent... basically an attackable Ash Ketchum, in almost every…

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  • Hypersnickety

    I grew up with Marvel (and DC's Vertigo), and as a wee lass I had already been reading mutant books, so I have a bit of a predisposition to those characters. This list is subject to change.

    • Boom-Boom - while this character isn't too unique of a concept (she makes things blow up!), her funny, sassy, and styilsh ways make her possibly my favorite Marvel character.  Warren Ellis' take on her in NEXT WAVE makes her even more exceptional. For powers, she could have a 'blinding' power, some kind of delayed "time bomb" effect (like Fixer's mines), and then some big ol' ka-Boom level 9.  Undeniably a Blaster.
    • Warlock (or Douglock) - Yeah, I liked New Mutants up until Liefeld and his pouches got ahold of it.  This character's wild concept could go in …
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