Soo, I recently recruited Emma Frost, and I decided to make a blog dedicated to her. She's quite the beast, but keep in mind that my Emma is only level 6, and I'm still working on her.

Emma is a character who has been nerfed and un-nerfed alot of times, but she has quite severe attacks, as well as an evergreen Phoenix Five costume which allows her to randomly increase all stats to allies in the middle of the round. Sounds neat, huh?

Even though she is a 200 cp hero, and her uniforms cost 52 cp for infilitrator and 40 cp for tactician, she's well worth it.

I just fought a battle using her, in level 5 default costume, and destroyed and obliterated the enemy team consisted of AoU uniformed Iron Man and Captain America. How?

Her level 1. After the enemy uses an offensive action, it obliterates them. I am level 168 and it did 4.1k damage in one go. You can't say you don't love that. Her level 2 though was a helping hand as well, with a good stunning chance, however, compared to other abilities, it's not that useful.

Then you've got her level 6 ability, with a great stat increase, energize which restores stamina to all allies, and it removes all the debuffs. How handy, isn't it?

Of course, you could get an even bigger stat increase with her P5 uniform, but sadly they don't stack. Which is forgivable, because of her Level 9 ability. Devestates the team with tremendous damage, if set up properly, plus it hits all enemies. Her level 9 is what makes her a beast, but remember her when she just came out. It would completely destroy everything.

There is also her passive, which has a chance to reduce incoming damage by (un-officially, just a speculation) 90-ish%. However, it has a cooldown of 1 round.

Keep in mind that she has an easy Heroic Battle to win her E-ISO, which makes her passive not-have a cooldown.

And lastly, her A-ISO, which applies Mind Conrtol to her enemy with her Level 1. Really sick, isn't it?

There are of course some weaknesses, like heroes immune to Psychic attacks and effects, or someone that removes buffs (because of her L6), but all in all, a character I love and prefer to use over some other characters.

Of course, I'm an un-experienced Agent, and haven't really done all that good in past PvP, but hey, it still shows how much of a game-changer Emma is.

She's also fun to use in simple PvE and such missions. Overall, I reccomend her greatly. Maybe save up for her if you have the patience to collect 200 cp's.

Thanks for reading, I hope this may have helped someone in a dillema if they should or shouldn't buy Emma Frost. :P

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