• Havokguy

    Soo, I recently recruited Emma Frost, and I decided to make a blog dedicated to her. She's quite the beast, but keep in mind that my Emma is only level 6, and I'm still working on her.

    Emma is a character who has been nerfed and un-nerfed alot of times, but she has quite severe attacks, as well as an evergreen Phoenix Five costume which allows her to randomly increase all stats to allies in the middle of the round. Sounds neat, huh?

    Even though she is a 200 cp hero, and her uniforms cost 52 cp for infilitrator and 40 cp for tactician, she's well worth it.

    I just fought a battle using her, in level 5 default costume, and destroyed and obliterated the enemy team consisted of AoU uniformed Iron Man and Captain America. How?

    Her level 1. After the…

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  • Havokguy

    Loki - Lockbox?

    August 26, 2013 by Havokguy

    There have been rumors that Loki could be the next Lockbox, and my opinion is: that would be great, but the problem is:

    He is one of the main villians, so the chances are kinda low.

    He has been the enemy in many missions, and also has been an Epic Boss several times.


    He helped Thor several times.

    He's helping Thor in Thor: The Dark World (which could be a Spec Op).


    Read more about this on this link:   User blog:Havokguy/Spec Ops I Want

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  • Havokguy

    My opinions on Heroes

    August 12, 2013 by Havokguy

    OK, this is my opinions on heroes and how powerful they are... Nothing else...

    Iron man is a good hero. He has a Shield, a powerful one enemy attack, an AOE attack and a charging attack with a lot of suits. He has good passives and his probably strongest suit is the MK42.

    I don't use Iron Man alot so I don't now his full potential, but overall he's nice.

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  • Havokguy

    Sprites :D

    May 7, 2013 by Havokguy


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  • Havokguy

    Heroes you should recruit

    January 6, 2013 by Havokguy

    OKAY, now many people always ask "who should I recruit". Here is MY answer to the question. I repeat, MY answer.

    In lower levels, you should not worry too much about heroes to recruit. You should definetly first recruit all the 15 Command point Heroes, they are powerful, and useful. Plus, you need them for your PvP bonus anyway.

    In medium levels, you should get some heroes that will protect your team, and a couple of heroes who strike hard. I most reccommend Colossus for protecting, Pheonix for damage, and Quicksilver for other stuff. But, it's also nice to have a good 90 Cp heroe, example, Tigra or Thor.

    Well, in high levels, it would be nice to try get all heroes, but if not, recruit heroes such as Beast, Tigra, Thor, Scarlet Witch and even D…

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