There are several great stories that Marvel Comics has published.  Many of them would be great bases for a Spec Ops Mission.  These are some of the stories I would like to see adapted to a Spec Ops in future releases.  This is my fantasy and not to be read into as a future release or anything.

I would like to start with one of the best mini-series ever written:  The Secret Wars.  During this story, a cosmic entity, The Beyonder, kidnaps several of earth's heroes and villiains, takes them to another planet, and forces them to battle each other.  Here is how I think it would play out:

Reward Hero:  Spectrum, Blaster, Monica Rambeau

Mission One:

Typical Enemies:  Jotun and Dark Elves

Mini Boss:  Dr. Octopus

Boss:  Enchantress

Mission Two

Typical Enemies:  Prison Thugs

Mini Boss:  Absorbing Man

Mini Boss:  Titania

Boss:  Molecule Man

Mission Three

Typical Enemies:  Servo Guards

Mini Boss:  Piledriver and Thunderball

Mini Boss:  Kang              

Boss:  Ultron

Epic Boss:  Dr. Doom

Spectrum's Move Set:

Passive:  Immune to energy attacks

Level One:  Force Beams (Single Target, 80% chance to stun, exploits burning, static charge, and radiation)

Level Two:  Neutrinos Form (Team Buff, Puts Phased on her team)

Level Six:  Energy Waves (Area Attack, Multifunction)

Microwaves causes burning on all opponents

Gamma Rays causes radiation on all opponents

Electricity puts static charge on all opponents and sets it off

Holograms puts the mirror images buff on her team

Level Nine:  Energy Blitz (Quick Action, Single Target, inflicts burning,  radiation, and static charge.)


A second one I would like to see would be based on the X-Cutioner's Song.  During this story, Cable is framed for the attempted murder of Professor Xavier.  This leads to a great pursuit of cable, the Mutant Liberation Front, and a showdown with Apocalypse and Stryfe.

Reward Hero:  Cannonball, Blaster, Samuel Guthrie

Typical enemies would all be test subjects.

Mission One

Mini Boss:  Cannonball

Boss:  Cable

Mission Two

Mini Boss:  Wildside

Mini Boss:  Reaper

Boss:  Dragoness

Mission Three

Mini Boss:  Gauntlet

Mini Boss:  Psynapse

Boss:  Apocalypse

Epic Boss:  Stryfe

Cannonball's Move set:

Passives:  Has 50% chance to put up a Blast Field during enemy's attack.  His External Connection gives him a 50% chance to one time return to full health after a knockout blow.  He gets one Blast charge each time he is attacked and it can be stacked five times.

Level One:  Blast Punch (Single Target, causes dizzy and exhausted, uses blast charges to be more powerful)

Level Two:  Blast Shield (Team Buff, reduces incoming attack damage by 40%, adds 5% per each stack of blast charge, 2 round cooldown)

Level Six:  Blast Off (Area Attack, 1 blast charge causes dizzy, two adds impaired, three adds exhausted, four adds blind, and five adds fatigued)

Level Nine:  Prepare to Launch (Quick Action, recharges stamina, gives him five stacks of Blast Charge, 3 round cool down)

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