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  • Havok is the Bomb

    There are several great stories that Marvel Comics has published.  Many of them would be great bases for a Spec Ops Mission.  These are some of the stories I would like to see adapted to a Spec Ops in future releases.  This is my fantasy and not to be read into as a future release or anything.

    I would like to start with one of the best mini-series ever written:  The Secret Wars.  During this story, a cosmic entity, The Beyonder, kidnaps several of earth's heroes and villiains, takes them to another planet, and forces them to battle each other.  Here is how I think it would play out:

    Reward Hero:  Spectrum, Blaster, Monica Rambeau

    Mission One:

    Typical Enemies:  Jotun and Dark Elves

    Mini Boss:  Dr. Octopus

    Boss:  Enchantress

    Mission Two

    Typical Enem…

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