First, I want to thank the M:AA wikia community. Your blog posts and informative articles have been the difference in this spec op. I started playing when Emma Frost's spec op was happening, but had no clue what the heck I was doing, so I didn't end up with her. I kind of knew what I was doing, or thought I did, when Magik's spec op came out...but really, what I was doing was so inefficient to almost be laughable. I poured any gold I got into buying 10 ISO's because I was accepting random junk from my gifts, and worse than that, I wasn't even lining up to get 50 gifts a day. I bought Black Panther but not the other three heroes, using 25 gold to skip that mission...but I bought at least 228 CP worth of characters I didn't "need" during that same time. I didn't get her until there was only a few days left, pre-extension. But at least I got her and didn't spend actual money, right?

This time, I started the Spec Op with 23 gold that I was saving for a trenchcoat and 96 CP that I was honestly about to turn into Spider-Man...thank god I talked myself into waiting until I could see if the next Spec Op would happen by Halloween as the rumor mill was saying. I saw the list and thought, "No way can I do this." But...I decided to do it anyway.

First thing I did was set up a friend with swapping 50 ISO's a day. This made sure my intake was good. Next up, I bought Hercules and started saving for the other three, making sure to do Spec Ops things as available. Today, I bought Daredevil and I have Dormammu queued, but not enough energy to fight him yet. Plenty of ISO's to go another round to him if this doesn't give me Star #3 on Mission 2.

I think I'm going to go Scarlet Witch and Strange on him. Excited to be here, and thankful for the people who suggested things to help me, especially PKB's blogs and the guide to how to spend gold. I'm pleased to report that all the gold I've spent in this spec op has been on a trenchcoat and some of the gold buy Iso crystals. Thanks! I did it and will have Ghost Rider, but couldn't have without you guys.

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