My team of Taskmaster (morale boost + skullthumper / lock on on L6) and Sabretooth (frenzied + skullthumper / wide open on L1) is doing me proud on offense. And for a while, they were doing pretty well on defense, too. But now that we're in the final week and I'm actually fighting for adamantium, their defensive win rate is back down to ~ 20%.

I'm used to that, but if I am to have any real hope of holding on to adamantium (without an asterisk next to my trophy), that has to improve.

So for now, lets focus on possibilities for making defensive pvp teams that can actually win... or at least drag out a fight for the attackers. (Of course, I'll be considering only the heroes I actually have for this.)

I'll be taking into account all e-isos and a-isos, as well as alts. (But consideration will be given to their additional costs.)

So the first thing that comes to mind is FF Invisible Woman with her e-iso. With a huge enough defensive bonus, she can provide a nearly insurmountable wall to attackers.

(Unfortunately, I do not possess such defense stats. My armory def bonus is only ~130k, since I only use freebies. As shown in my profile, my hero health and defense bonuses are just average, as I've mostly focused on maxing out the heroes I actually want to play. ... And blasters.

However, let's assume that building the heroes' personal stats for def and health would be enough to make up for less-than-stellar bonuses.)

FF Invisible Woman + Circulating / Air Pressure e-iso (inf)

We're going to build these teams around keeping shields up, so every iso will have health/def. (Her passive shields are 10% of base health, and def reduces the damage they take.) And, contrary to everything we would typically expect, we'll sacrifice some atk and acc to make it happen.

That said, IW has deadly crits, so she's capable of doing some pretty decent damage. Therefore, she should get

- 4x Patient (white)

- 4x Stalwart (white)

for a total of 8 health, 8 def, 4 atk, 4 ac.

While beeing so low on offense makes me a bit uneasy, it's important to remember that this is actually what we want here. Survivability is the name of this game; killing enemies can wait.


With both of his e-isos, he should have a crap-ton of survivability. Even with subpar health and def bonuses, IW's shields should be neigh indestructible on him.

Unlike IW, we'll let the e-isos handle the brunt of Hulk's defensive work - leaving the reactive isos to build on what he really needs to do: Smash.

- 5x Forceful (orange)

- 3x Steady (purple)

for the inverse of IW's build: a total of 8 atk, 8 acc, 5 def, 3 health.

Paired with IW, this should make Hulk a monster that can hardly even be scratched. (Of course, enemy players will probably focus on IW or the agent first - which means he should be able to build H/Bulk Ups just fine.) And he should do a pretty good job of dealing with scrappers for IW.

Uncanny Cyclops + Commanding / Inspiring Leadership e-iso (tact)

He grants counters, follow-ups, and extra turns, plus has a 25% chance to give extra lives. Hulk should absolutely love him, especially when in his Grey Hulk alt (bruiser).

  • All 3 of these heroes have at least 1 deadly crit attack, so it would probably be wise to equip the agent with something that either applies Targeted or Weak Point to insure those crits happen.

Note: my philosophy for iso builds is quite different from PKB's.

Rather than aiming for a set of final numbers, I aim only to build heroes up for what those individuals need to do. Deadly crits tend to need lots of accuracy. Shields need health & def. That kind of thing.

Also, I exclusively use 3-stat-isos. Even though it may be more important to build a certain stat, everything helps, and 3-stat-isos yield the most total stats. And after all, everyone needs to both survive and hit back.

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