Satana ended up with an avoidance E-ISO like I wanted and Daimon with a 2nd (half-) life, so there is really no point to having this blog.

I would delet the whole thing if I could.

I just found out the forums are back (a month after the fact, thanks to the address change), so that means I finally have access to the ideas I had for Satana and Daimon... from 3 months ago.

Ok, we can all agree that the main problem with Satana is survivability, right? She's a glass cannon.

So, I thought up some buffs to help her survive a bit longer, and that would fit her character pretty well.


Option 1:  Satana Harem

• Chance to create illusion clones, avoiding attacks.
• Counters melee attacks that are avoided in this way with Soul Sample
Soul Sample
• Drains a small amount of health and stamina
(Probably ~ 5% of both? Maybe less?)
• 50% chance to cause Impaired

Looking at it again, I see that this is pretty much a flat-out copy of Loki's avoidance effect, so it doesn't really hold all that much appeal.

(Plus, I'm not familiar enough with her character to know if she's even supposed to have illusory magic or not.)

Option 2:  Succubus Seduction

• Chance to prevent attacks targeting Satana.
• Small chance to apply Mind Control to enemies who are evaded in this way
• Small chance to apply Disoriented to enemies who are evaded in this way

- Another option would be to have her apply whatever the effect Phoenix does to the grunt in her heroic battle. (He can't decide whether he wants to actually attack her or not.)

I guess this is really too similar to Heimdall's L2 - but passive, with a lower chance, and only applicable to attacks against her.

Option 3:  Sacrificial Summons

- Chance to preemptively summon some demon(s) to protect from enemy attacks

We could also play around with the idea of them countering afterwards --- when they would / wouldn't, and how.
-- The fact that she's an infiltrator and might've countered herself should also be taken into account....

So, any of the 3 could become E-ISOs.

And the last could just as easily be an A-ISO on her L6.

I've got to go right now, but I'll return later on to edit this, and to add my ideas for Daimon.

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